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Where To Read Chainsaw Man Chapter 116?

Now that the anime Chainsaw Man has aired, fans are already moving to the manga series of Chainsaw Man, which is way ahead of the anime, and the latest chapter of the series Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 is making fans nostalgic for the previous characters of the series.

Even though there are no living characters like Makima, Power, and Aki in the present of the series, Denji ranks 5th in the series’ popularity poll, far behind the previous dead characters. What’s weirder is that the latest volume in the series marks Denji as a supporting character in the series.

Many fans worry about the character’s fate and hope Denji doesn’t meet the same fate as others. We’re not sure what this arc could lead to with the introduction of new characters and plots, Chainsaw Man is going to be one of the best manga series of all time.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 continues with our main characters trapped in the sea aquarium which makes fans emotional in terms of power and also brings back Denji’s old demeanor of doing whatever the girls ask of him. Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 also shows why Denji wants to make money and will do anything for it. With that said, let’s dive into the full synopsis and outline what the chapter told.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 Full synopsis and scans

Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 is titled “Taste of Starfish” and sees Denji and Asa picking up the edible starfish to eat as the latter suggests in the final chapter. As they pick up the edible starfish to eat, Yoshida is disgusted with her attempt to eat the starfish.

Denji and Asa!

Asa is nervous about eating starfish, but Denji says there’s no other option but to eat starfish since she can’t eat fish. Asa then says they need to cook the starfish first as they are poisonous and Denji prepared a pot to cook them. As the starfish cook, Asa wonders why so many hats are gathering there.

Denji says he collected the hats to sell after they left the aquarium. Asa asks why Denji is so obsessed with making money. Denji replies that he has some kind of boyfriend or sister who is smart and he intends to give her a normal life since he couldn’t have one.

Asa reminds Denji of power

Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 then sees Denji and Asa eating starfish, with the former saying it tastes like a coarse sea urchin while the latter saying it’s not enough. Asa also notices the dried fish in the room and encourages himself to eat them.

Seeing Asa force himself to eat dried fish makes Denji laugh and he says she’s joking. He further emphasizes that what Asa is saying is totally boring, but she is interesting to watch. Asa acquires a superior complexity upon hearing these words, and she begins to act eccentrically. Denji says he likes this attitude of hers and reminds her of an old friend.

Asa’s plan to get out of the aquarium

Asa then tells Denji that she has a way out of the aquarium and that is by collecting the money. Chainsaw Man Chapter 116 then sees Denji and Asa roaming the aquarium collecting money from the pockets and wallets. In the end, both of them collect a total of one million yen.

Denji asks what’s next and Asa tells him to give her all the money. The former is obviously not happy upon hearing this and says that he will not give her everything even in her life, but immediately gives everything when Asa says that she will grant all of Denji’s wishes when they are out there.

Ever since then, Denji behaves towards Asa like he did with Makima and obeys all of her orders when Asa tells him to go to another corner and close his eyes. Asa buys the aquarium with the million yen, and as crazy as the logic may seem to her, she orders the aquarium to be turned into a spear using the war devil’s power.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 will likely continue with the current event, and if remodeling the aquarium is the right choice to get out of the trap, Asa might not try to kill Denji at all.

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