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Where To Read Blue Lock Chapter 201?

Blue Lock Chapter 201 release date is expected to be set in the next week and the chapter will continue with current events with Isagi our main character and Nao helping him to use his talents to progress through the game and an important one to score a significant game like this.

The current situation in the anime of Blue Lock, which is currently running and releasing new episodes week by week, is very similar to the situation in the manga. In the anime, the latest episode of Blue Lock showed us how Team Z vs. Team V’s crucial match, where the opponents are, yes, you guessed it, Nagi and Reo.

The good thing about the anime right now is that Team Z has scored the goals against Team V and is ready to aim for the 5th goal that will decide their staying in the Blue Lock project. Simultaneously, the newest chapter in the series titled What Do You See? showed us some similar events where Isagi had opponents like Reo and Nagi who are monsters.

Up until Blue Lock Chapter 201 we saw that Isagi was using his spatial awareness very effectively and is learning more and more from it. Blue Lock Chapter 199 focused solely on where he got help from what he liked to call masters and they permeate every single person and the main motive of Isagi’s attack is to destroy Kaiser.

Nao is on board with his desire to destroy Kaiser and this will help him achieve this selfish and egotistical desire. Blue Lock Chapter 201 continues with this event and we can expect that Isagi will be the most selfish player ever, so let’s talk about the upcoming chapter in detail.

Isagi and Bachira!

With no official announcements for the new chapters of Blue Lock, fans are thoroughly scouring the internet to see the new chapter’s web release. It’s probably why you’re here, so let’s be speculative on the Blue Lock Chapter 201 release date as there’s no official announcement yet.

Blue Lock Chapter 201 Expectations and Raw Scans

The new chapter continues with the current event and fans are very much expecting Isagi to score in the coming year as the game’s build has been done since the previous chapters. What fans are commenting about the upcoming chapter is the fact that they will be happy to see Yuki who was a mess in this chapter when Isagi scores.

The chapter will be an important chapter for our character as it will decide how he will advance. Isagi has accepted the fact that he needs to get physically stronger like Chigiri with speed and Bachira with dribbling as a weapon because his spatial awareness is insufficient to defeat him in the Blue Lock Project.

The coming chapter could tell us just that. The raw scans and synopsis for the Blue Lock Chapter 201 have not been released at the time of this writing. The earliest we can expect publication is this Friday, unless the author decides to take a break. As the scanlation for the latest chapter is not yet released, you can read the chapter summary in the following twitter post.

Blue Lock Chapter 201 Release Date

The new chapter of Blue Lock will be released randomly with the author’s notification of the chapter, and following the pattern of the previous chapters, Blue Lock Chapter 200 is expected to be released on Wednesday, December 21st. This chapter will also include a color page according to the leakers.

Where to read Blue Lock Chapter 201?

The only official way to read the new Blue Lock chapters is to buy the latest volume in the series from the official websites e.g Kodansha Magazine, or new bookstores that offer manga. While the Blue Lock Chapter 201 volume isn’t available yet, you can check out the available volumes on Kodansha’s website.

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