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Where To Read Blue Box Chapter 85?

Blue Box Chapter 85’s release date has been set alongside all other Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine Shonen Jump categories, so due to next week’s magazine break, the upcoming chapter will be delayed. Many fantasy stories can be found in the shonen jump manga categories, such as One Piece, where we have been following Luffy on his quest to find the treasure for the past 25 years, as well as many other amazing titles.

Among these fantastic titles is Blue Box, which is fantastic simply for the variety it brings to the table as a Shonen Jump manga. Blue Box is here to prove you wrong if you thought that all shonen jump manga included a fantasy story.

The series’ final chapter was thrilling as we saw Taiki discover Chinatsu’s true purpose, how determined she is to become the best basketball player, and how she got to where she is now. As a result, fans are eager to see what happens in Blue Box Chapter 85 when Taiki meets Yumeka, the sole reason for Chinatsu’s dedication to basketball. So, let’s talk about the next chapter of the blue box manga series

With the manga on hiatus due to the magazine hiatus next week, fans of the series want to know when the chapter will be released. Therefore, we will inform you all about the upcoming chapter of the series from the release date and where to read the upcoming chapter of Blue Box after its release.

But before we get into all those details, let’s first do a quick recap of what happened in Blue Box’s latest chapter. With that being said, here we bring you the latest updates on the Blue Box manga series.

Blue Box Chapter 84 – Recap

Blue Box Chapter 84 continues with Chinatsu and Taiki’s encounter with Yumeka, who asks the former why she hasn’t given up basketball. Taiki was surprised to see Yumeka and learn that she was a former friend of Chinatsu. However, Chinatsu shows Yumeka her determination for basketball.

Yumeka then leaves and Taiki says that he believes in Chinatsu and that she can dominate the basketball world. After a while we see in the gym that Taiki is curious about Yumeka and while training with his senpai he asks her about him.

Taiki is surprised to find out that his senpai can make such a face when hearing Yumeka’s name. Senpai tells Taiki about Yumeka and how she was a great basketball player and even more radiant than Chinatsu when they played together.

Yumeka is also the reason why Chinatsu gets up early every morning to practice because she always wanted to beat Yumeka and become a better player. However, no one knows why Yumkea quit basketball. After a while we see that Taiki has a problem with tooth decay and makes an appointment at a dentist who isn’t his regular dentist and realizes that Yumeka is a receptionist there.

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Release date of Blue Box Chapter 85

Blue Box Chapter 85 will likely continue with the current events and we’ll definitely see Taiki getting curious, he’ll probably ask Yumeka why she quit basketball even though she was the best. I’m not expecting Yumeka to answer Taiki’s questions, but we’ll learn more about her character overall. So let’s wait for the release of Blue Box Chapter 85.

As mentioned, all shonen manga are on hiatus next week. Hence, Blue Box Chapter 85 will be released on Sunday January 22, 2023 in most regions. It’s going to be an interesting chapter, so we advise you not to miss it.

Read Blue Box Chapter 85 online

Blue Box Chapter 85 is distributed via online platforms such as viz and Manga Plus for readers around the world. In fact, once released, Blue Box Chapter 85 is free to read until three weeks or three more chapters in the series are released. To get full access to the manga, you need to purchase a premium on the above platforms.

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