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Where To Read Blue Box Chapter 83?

Blue Box Chapter 83 – With the demand for more amazing sports anime and manga, creators have drastically shifted towards this genre, with romance being that little touch of spice in a perfectly baked lemon pie. It is loved by many people worldwide because they consider it to be the best of both worlds. Blue Box is one of the most famous of them, it started in 2021 and it’s still going strong. It falls under the genre of sports anime with a teenage romance. It is known for its amazing graphics in manga and character development.

The best part, however, is that it really sticks to the notion of being a sports-based manga and doesn’t just shove it under the romance umbrella as portrayed in some manga and anime with a similar narrative and setting. The story revolves around Taiki Inomata, who is a member and player on the boys’ badminton team at his school, Eimei Junior and Senior High. His life is at its best because he gets to ride the train with his crush every day.

She is his senior or high school student and belongs to the Chinatsu Kano girls’ basketball team. Taiki’s life gets better and better as Chinatsu moves in with him and his family while her family goes abroad. So now he decides that he will try to approach her and confess his feelings to her. He must do all this while both prepare and compete for a place in the national championship. Will he make it or will everything be destroyed? Will they make it? or will they remain apart almost to the end of time? Well, only time will tell, unless you’re also a fan of the Netflix series Dark.

Summary of Blue Box Chapter 83: “Where It Hurts”

The chapter begins with Matsuoka asking Taiki to leave him alone with Chinatsu so they can spend some quality time together. However, he refuses his request and does the opposite as he tries to keep people away from his crush, yes it’s a romantic manga, being a little jealous is okay too.

As all of this is happening, Chinatsu jumps into the conversation and calls out to Matsuoka about the not-so-trustworthy behavior he has shown in the past. Matsuoka tries to defend himself in all sorts of ways, but he pretty much messes it up.

“How about a singles match?”

He tries to recall a past incident involving the girls basketball team going to a coffee shop, but as he continues his story, he mistakenly refers to a player named Yumeka as Nagisa. It was sad until he saw that he really didn’t stand a chance.

When he looks at Chinatsu, she looks at Taiki and grins a little, which is very evident as he enjoys his apple pie. Matsuoka tries his best to ruin the moment of her cute little not-so-simple friends or roommates by calling Taiki about his crush on Chinatsu.

Blue Box - Chapter 83 Release Date You and Me Against the World

Taiki and Chinatsu live together under one roof

He tells him he couldn’t have a healthy relationship with Chinatsu while trying to become the best badminton player to reach the national championship. He explains that he could not be present in the relationship and would eventually have to break up.

Taiki lets him pass, knowing that he truly loves her and will surely find a way to make this all work. Matsuoka invites Chinatsu to a basketball game. However, she backs down by saying that she doesn’t have the right gym clothes.

Blue Box – Release Date of Blue Box Chapter 83: You and Me Against the World

Blue Box Chapter 83 Release Date: You and Me Against the World will be on the court 25 December. Make sure you have completed all your work beforehand so that you can fully enjoy this chapter without interruption.

Blue Box Chapter 83: Where to Read Online?

Blue Box Chapter 83 Release Date: It’s You and Me Against the World is available for further reading Mangapuma. It is the official release page of this manga. It is also home to many well-known and famous manga series, new and old, waiting to be discovered by one of the most talented people out there.

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