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Where to find Jumping Rock in Made in Abyss Binary Star?

Exploration is the name of the game in Made in Abyss Binary Star Falling Into Darkness. Between the missions and the tasks connected to the main story, it will control almost every action you take, whether it’s trying to find new items or trying to reach new areas. However, the latter in particular can be tricky, and if you’re like most gamers, you’re probably going to have trouble figuring it out where to find Jumping Rock in Made in Abyss Binary Star. Fortunately, we’re here to help you with this in-depth guide.

How to get Falling Rock in Made in Abyss Binary Star

Found in the First Layer of the Abyss, Made in Abyss Binary Star’s Jumping Rock area can only be reached by going through a few other specific areas first.

From the First Layer entrance, go to the Waterfall Gondola area entrance to the right of the zone. Go through it, and once you’re in the new area, head straight north to the new area’s entrance in the middle of the three potential zone gates. This entrance will take you to the Grand Bridge Way.

Head down Grand Bridge Way toward the new area entrance in the northwest corner of the map. We have attached a screenshot below for your reference if needed.

Where to find Jumping Rock in Made in Abyss Binary Star?

You have to climb down some rock walls to get to the level where the entrance is. So make sure you start your descent with plenty of stamina and don’t pick anything up if you’re about to overload. Likewise, primeval creatures will graze near the entrance. Try not to get their attention, and if you do, be prepared with a pickaxe or hatchet.

Once you reach the entrance, keep going. You have then successfully reached the Jumping Rock area.

How to find Jumping Rock hidden area

However, it is worth noting that simply reaching Jumping Rock is not enough to complete the related quests in Made in Abyss Binary Star. Specifically, the quest that tasks you with finding Jumping Rock’s hidden area requires you to reach that area before it progresses.

To do this, go to the right side of the panel. Find the tree to attach a rope to, then use another tree to attach a rope to rappel down to the ledge. Attach another rope to it and keep rappelling down until you reach a narrow ledge to step over.

Follow the ledge until it leads to a more open area. There the path splits. Take the right path and follow it until you reach a tree-shaded section that leads to a new roping tree. Go behind this tree and you will find part of a rock face that you can climb over to reach a distant ledge.

Where to find Jumping Rock in Made in Abyss Binary Star?

You have to climb over this part of the rock face to reach the hidden area. Luckily, this can be done without any stamina upgrades or climbing upgrades. So don’t worry that you don’t have the stats to do it.

After you climb over this wall, go a little further. This will trigger a cutscene and the hidden area will be revealed to you.

Hopefully this has cleared up where to find Jumping Rock in Made in Abyss Binary Star. For more information on the game, see the related articles below. We also have a full review of the game and plenty of guides on topics like farming rare relics and whether or not you can stop the Abyss Curse.

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