When To Watch Warrior Nun Season 2 On Netflix?

Watch Warrior Nun Season 2 On Netflix: The new season of the adventurous and entertaining programme Warrior Nun, which is based on the comic book character created by Ben Dunn, is slated to begin this week. Ava Silva (Alba Baptista), the show’s main character, seems to be a quadriplegic with all four of her limbs paralysed. She loses her life but is revived when she obtains a heavenly Halo, which also bestows upon her great ability.

Ava must accept her destiny as God’s Champion, who will defend the planet against the creatures of Hell, now that she has a second shot at life. Although it was announced in 2018, Warrior Nun didn’t debut on television until July of that year. An enthusiasm for the story and battle sequences from the first season encouraged Netflix to produce Warrior Nun Season 2 , which will debut on November 10th, 2022.

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The Portuguese actress Alba Baptista appeared in her debut American television series with Warrior Nun. The series is filmed in numerous places in Andalusia and throughout Spain.

Warrior Nun Season 1: Recap

Warrior Nun Season 1 Recap

In the first episode of the Warrior Nun Season 1, which debuted in July 2020, Ava passed away for an unexplained reason. The Order of Cruciform Sword nuns abruptly enter the mortuary carrying Sister Shannon, who is seriously hurt. Her body is still there. Shannon is the Halo carrier, but because she is going to pass away, her halo is taken off and temporarily placed inside of Ava’s body until the danger has passed.

Ava is ultimately given a second shot at life by the heavenly power of the Halo and awakens with all of her limbs functioning correctly. She flees confused and discovers a bunch of buddies occupying a millionaire’s home. Ava remains with them, becoming closer to JC, and they decide to attend a tech party hosted by Jillian Salvius’ firm, Arqetype. She sneaks into the labs during the party but is assaulted by a creature that is subsequently identified as a Tarask.

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The other nuns come to Ava’s rescue, and she is returned to the OCS (Order of Cruciform Sword). She is told the history of the Halo in her back and how it bestows on its bearer both incredible power and responsibility. She would have to battle evil and restore order to chaotic environments as a God’s Champion. Ava flees and returns to JC and His companions since she is unable to comprehend the reason. She also murders the orphanage’s nurse nun, who was responsible for her demise.

Warrior Nun Tarask

The bones of Adriel, which it appears are the reason Tarask and other demons keep visiting Earth, are being prepared for return by Ava. They proceed to a tomb where Adriel’s remains are hidden in a chamber with strong walls. While Father and the other sister hold any adversaries at bay, Ava and the others slip into the tomb. Ava is astonished to see a genuine Adriel in the tomb’s chamber when she finally makes it past the 20-foot thick Walls. It is made clear that Adriel is a thief who has taken the Halo.

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When To Watch Warrior Nun Season 2 On Netflix?

On November 10th, 2022, at roughly 3:00 am ET and 2:00 am CT in the US & Canada, the much anticipated programme Warrior Nun Season 2 will make its Netflix debut. Timings may vary depending on where you are. Several of the timeframes include:

  • Australia: 7:00 pm,
  • Thursday United Kingdom: 8:00 am,
  • Thursday Japan: 5:00 pm,
  • Thursday India: 1:30 pm,
  • Thursday Philippines: 4:00 pm,
  • Thursday Spain: 9:00 am, Thursday

What Can We Expect From Warrior Nun Season 2?

After the cliffhanger of Season 1’s last episode, Revelation 2:10, the narrative will continue. Now that he is free, Adriel plans to try to convince people once more that he is an angel. Father Vincent appears to support Adriel. Along with the mystery surrounding Lilith’s reappearance, we also don’t know what happened to Jillian’s son, so we could be witnessing some sort of explanation.

Season 2 of Warrior Nun streaming recommendations:

Warrior Nun Season 2 is only broadcast on Netflix because it is an exclusive Netflix original. The basic version of a Netflix subscription costs around $9.99 per month, while the premium version may cost as much as $19.99.

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