When making decisions on social media, use caution!

Social media has had significant setbacks for issues like feminism, child abuse, animal crime, and fraud that have a significant impact on all facets of society. So much so that even even those who are not enrolled are charged and granted access to the “social media facility. In this instance, though, you could be guilty and required to make restitution if you choose to confront the culprit. This circumstance has been used by criminals who also damage the public’s conscience.

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The public’s conscience was affected by events, many said, and this was reflected in the media. Attorney Cem Duman, Criminal Defense, Use of Social Media In our nation, where the drinking age has been lowered to 12, statements and reactions made with outrageous influence brought on by the occurrence frequently go beyond the bounds of comment and reaction. can develop to the point that elements of the shame offence are formed.

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“Unfortunately, despite social media users’ reports of crimes including homicide, child abuse, animal cruelty, and fraud, criminals and their offenders have not yet been officially identified and legally prosecuted. virtually daily are committed.

You could be at fault

Duman claimed to have seen that certain social media remarks had elements of heinous crimes that went beyond mere criticism and discussion. Judges and foreclosures have increased significantly in recent years. Sadly, some better remarks were made on social media to the perpetrator of the crime and the incident unrelated to the crime and the incident may be placed in the defendant’s place in the later prosecution if provided the incident. This is due to the moral importance and effect of that time. said they.

This incident should be taken seriously and should be the focus of attention even then. “Although the content of the news and the identification of the perpetrators are perfectly accurate, a social media user who has seen the murder or sexual abuse of a child, for example, reads a news post titled ‘Killer’, murderer, pervert, rapist, because The perpetrators have not yet been prosecuted by the justice system and the decision has not been finalized.'”

“He built the triumph gate”
Duman claims that those responsible for some occurrences on social media as their main source of money. To put it another way, criminals who influence the public conscience because of their crimes perceive social media users creating false remarks out of their social sensitivity, but legally, not stupid, but interested in money.

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