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When is Diwali in 2020 & Why is it so important for Hindus

Festivals also start with Navratri. Dussehra will be celebrated on October 25 this year. Then the festival of Diwali is celebrated with great joy.

According to Hindi Panchang, Diwali is celebrated every year in the Amavasya Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month. Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are worshiped in Depawali. However, Diwali has been delayed this year due to Malmas. Because of that, people feel confused about the date of Diwali. Find out when Diwali this year and what is the auspicious time of worship-
When is Diwali 2020 (when is Diwali 2020) –

This year, Kartik’s new moon falls on November 14, 2020. Amavasya Tithi will start from 2.17 AM on November 14 and continue until 10:30 AM on November 15 the following day. In such a case, Diwali will be celebrated on November 14th.
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Diwali 2020 Lakshmi Bojan Time –

Lakshmi Pooja Muhurta: From 5.28 pm to 7.24 pm on November 14th.
Pradosh Kaal Muhurta: On November 14, from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Taurus Cal Muhorta: From 5 pm 28 minutes to 7 24 hours on November 14th

Is Lakshmi Bojan in Shogadiya Muhorta-
Laxmi Pooja Muhurta in the afternoon – from 02:17 PM from 4 to 7 PM on November 14.
Laxmi Puja Muhurta in the evening – from 05 to 28 in the evening of November 14, from 14 to 07 minutes.
Lakshmi Pooja Muhorta at night – from 08:47 on the night of November 14 until 01:45.
Laxmi Puja Muhorta – 06:00 AM 04-44 minutes.
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The importance of Diwali

Diwali 2020 Date

According to mythology, Lord Rama, with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman, returned to Ayodhya after the conquest of Lanka after the conquest of Lanka. Then every home in Ayodhya was illuminated with lights and lights. The inhabitants of Ayodhya decorated the house with lamps for the joy of returning to the house of Lord Rama.

Since then, the festival of Diwali or Deepawali is celebrated every year on New Moon Day in Kartik.

Deepavali people wish each other and distribute sweets. During Diwali, we forget all the tragedies of the past. Whatever is on your mind, you are burning fireworks and forgetting everything. Like fireworks, the past moves, everything burns and the mind becomes new. It is Diwali. One candle is not enough. We consider light as a symbol of knowledge, we celebrate it today.

what do you say?

Leave the past, forget it Leave and forget the past, celebrate life wisely. One cannot truly party without a smart mind. Intelligence is knowing that God is with me. Look at what wealth we all have today. Remember that you have a lot of wealth and feel full. Otherwise, the mind will always be missing.

The old way was to keep all your gold and silver coins in front of you, and keep all your wealth in front of you and say, “Look, God has given me so much. I’m so grateful.

It is said in the Bible that those who have will receive more, and those who do not have, all that is less will be taken. Feel the abundance of it and you’ll know you’ve given too much. Then we do Lakshmi Puja. Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and well-being, is worshiped, and Ganesh – the drive to awareness that takes all the obstacles in our path – is chanted on this day.

Wealth is within us

There are 24 countries in Europe. We will light a lamp for every nation. Then we’ll think for a while. When we meditate, we thank the whole soul for its abundance. We also pray for more so that we can only offer more gold and silver as an external symbol. Wealth is within us.

There is a lot of love, peace and joy within. What more could you ask for? Intelligence is true wealth. Your personality, safety and confidence are your true wealth. When you come out with God, you are not making much money.

This royal idea only comes when you are united with God and Ananta. When a wave remembers that it is associated with the ocean and that it is part of the ocean, it gives off tremendous force.

This diwali was introduced by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Ramayan and the story of Diwali

In Trita Yoga there was a great demon named Ravana. Brahma was delighted with his unusual and difficult penance, and received the blessing of death from another person, the god, Satan, Gandharva. Then he conquered the three realms by taking a huge army of demons with his brother Kumbhakarna.

By his order, his soldiers began to do everything in their power to destroy the religion. If they see a person performing a religious ritual, they burn that city and village. The horror of monsters was everywhere. At that time, Prithvi, steeped in the prayers of God and Brahma, appeared with his limbs, Sri Hari, in Ayodhya as Maharaj Dasarata as Sri Rama.

The aim of the incarnation of Lord Shri Rama was to end the tyranny of Asuras, protect the gods, delight the worshipers and establish the dharma.
Lord Shri Ram’s courage was amazing. Kill Shri Rama, along with Maharishi Vishwamitra, the demons of Marish and Subaho, etc., and protect Yagna. Gautama-Sanghatana recognized Ahilya as Shila N Marg. Swayamvar Sita G was running in Janakpur.

There, Lord Sri Rama Shiva caught Danush in a conversation and introduced him to a rope and pulled it into two pieces in the middle.

Lord Lakshmi, the integral power of God, descended in Janakpur as Sita. He has been likened to Lord Shri Rama in qualities, humility, stature and beauty. The Lord broke Shiva’s bow and received it as his unit.

The Maharaj of Dasharata wanted to make Lord Sri Rama from Rajputra, as there were disturbances due to the Manthara and Kakai rebellions. Sri Rama left the kingdom.

In the forest, Sri Rama harasses Shurpanakha, the sister of the demon king Ravana by Lakshmana, because his intellect was ill due to lust. God slaughtered fourteen thousand demons with his biased khar, corruption, trishira etc.

Ravana deceitfully made Maricha a golden deer and killed Videhanandini Sita. Subsequently, Prabhu found Jatayu’s life, befriended Sugriva and cremated Kabandha and his friend Pranapriya Sita.

Lord Sri Rama tied a bridge over the sea and entered Lanka protected by Ravana and killed Ravana along with the brothers. After making Vibhishana the king of demons and completing fourteen years of exile, Sri Rama returned to Ayodhya in the Pushya era along with Sugriva, Hanuman, Lakshmana and Sita. At that time, on the way, Brahma etc. Lokpal was showering flowers with love on them.

Shri Ram Back to Ayodhya

Accepting the greetings of his subjects and brothers, Lord Rama entered Ayodhya embracing Shri Bharatji, who was doing penance in Nandi village. Ayodhya residents started the auspicious festival of Deepawali by lighting a lamp of ghee.

He was then duly crowned by Guru Dev Vasishta. A wave of bliss raged all over Ayodhya. Then Lord Shri Ram started following his subjects like a father. Satya Yuga came into existence in Treta and Ram became an ideal till the Rajya Yuga.

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