When Bring Your Dog To Work Day Is?

Businesses in the North-East of the United Kingdom concur that a dog may be a man’s best friend. They routinely mark “Bring Your Dog To Work” Day, which is observed on June 24th, 2022 this year. Businesses encourage staff to bring their dogs to work on this day rather than leave them at home or with dog sitters.

While many companies follow this custom on the appointed day, one encourages employees to bring their dogs to work every day. The company thinks that doing so is advantageous for both the workers and their dogs.

The company in issue is the performance marketing agency N21, and this facility is one of the health benefits it provides to its employees. The United Kingdom is a nation of dog lovers, according to Neil Robbins, CEO of N21. As a result, it makes sense to benefit employees by encouraging them to bring their dogs to work. He mentioned that his workplace has 101 employees, many of whom have dogs. His staff will benefit from having several dogs in the office as a result.

Neil Robbins also brought up the practice’s financial side. If workers weren’t permitted to bring their dogs to work, he claimed, they would have to pay for dog sitters or dog walkers. His staff don’t require more expenditures, which would result from this.

In relation to the benefits for dogs, Robbins stated that his business also takes their welfare into account. They don’t have to spend lonely, extended periods of time at their houses because they may accompany their owners. He believes that this is advantageous for dogs as well.


Experts claim that having dogs around the office has several advantages. These include improved staff health and productivity. This fact is supported by research as well. According to studies, pets are present.

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An ex-racing greyhound has recently been adopted by Sarah-Jayne Taylorson, a PR Manager at the company N21. She remarked on how wonderful it was to be able to bring Jake, her cat, to work. She claimed she had always wished to save a dog. But she couldn’t have done so at her previous job since there wasn’t a “Bring Your Dog To Work” policy. Now that her present place of employment permits this policy, she is pleased.

The National Dog Survey shows that during the COVID-19 epidemic, dog ownership significantly rose. 3.2 million dogs entered UK households during the lockdown, bringing the total number of dogs to 12.5 million.


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