WhatsApp may finally let you hide your online status

WABetaInfo reports that WhatsApp is currently working on a much-requested privacy feature for its messaging service: the ability to hide your online status. While this may not be as impressive to some, the upcoming addition is very important for privacy-conscious users.

As always, the developer team at WABetaInfo discovered a new feature from the recent Whatsapp beta client. Though currently only available on the iOS version, WhatsApp plans to introduce the function to its Android and desktop beta builds as well through a future update, the website said.

According to the screenshot provided by the website, you can find the new online status setting in WhatsApp under Settings > Account > Privacy. Like the ability to edit your last seen status Recently released For people, the upcoming feature lets you limit its visibility to specific people or disable it altogether.

Specifically, according to WABetaInfo, there are two options to choose from: “All” and “Same as last seen.” As suggested by its name, the latter is very convenient because it automatically selects the list of people selected for your last seen setting.

As mentioned earlier, the ability to customize a user’s online status on WhatsApp has been a long-requested feature. This allows users to use the messaging app at their own discretion or avoid certain people for any reason – especially when they are on vacation and such. Meanwhile, Meta’s other messaging service, Messenger, has had this capability for a long time.

It is still unknown when WhatsApp plans to roll out the new online status privacy setting to the public version of its app. Chances are, we may have to wait a few weeks or months before the feature is finalized.

(Source: WABetaInfo)

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