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What New Feature Included in BGMI 2.4 Update?

What New Feature Included in BGMI 2.4 Update? Battle Ground Mobile India, or PUBG, is a multiplayer first-person and third-person shooter game that officially returned in July 2021 after being banned by the Indian government. BGMI is a really popular game, and was one of the first games to start the online multiplayer gaming trend in India. According to the latest report, BGMI has more than 90 million downloads on the official Google Play Store app.

BGMI’s original name is PUBG and it is owned by the Chinese multinational company Tencent. But it suffered heavily due to the India-China dispute, which eventually led to the government banning the app along with several other China-based apps to prevent these companies from stealing Indian data and transferring it to China.

Then seeing the craze of PUBG and its popularity among the Indian audience, Korean gaming company Krafton Inc bought its rights, renamed the game and launched with a brand new version. But on July 2022, the Indian government decided to officially remove the game from the Play Store app, although people can download the game online and play it without using any VPN.

Today we will talk about the latest update i.e. update 2.4 of BGMI, and discuss its release date and all the features this new update has for its audience.

BGMI Mobile Gameplay

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BGMI 2.4 Update Release Date & All Other Details

The latest BGMI 2.4 update is expected to be released on January 15, 2023. But since the Indian government has removed the game from the Play Store, gamers from India might be really interested to know if they can access the update 2.4 or not. The most favorable outcome is that BGMI gamers from India cannot access the latest update from the Play Store.

Expected features from BGMI 2.4 update

BGMI 2.4 update is expected to have some new features, due to the ongoing FIFA craze, BGMI is likely to add some football related avatars like Lionel Messi avatar, Golden Boots of Mbappe…

According to reports, gamers can expect a new Honey Badger gun. Along with that, BGMI introduces a martial arts mod and some other new skins and mods.

BGMI 2.4 Update Release Date: All Updates Explained

BGMI character

Some details about previous BGMI updates

BGMI 2.2 update

Krafton Inc, a Korean-based video game company that currently owns BGMI, released the 2.2 update on 15 September 2022. The latest update is expected to fix all the previous bugs that were ruining the gaming experience. Fans of the game are also expecting a new map, namely “The Heaven” map.

Here is the list of features that BGMI 2.2 offers to its gamers:

Leather boards: The first feature that BGMI 2.2 brings is Leather Board feature. It allows you to invite other players and friends and together you can compete against each other. Leaderboards display your rank and your kills. Using this, players can understand their ranking.

BGMI 2.4 Update Update Release Date All update details are explained

BGMI Leather Boards Chart

New stylish street wears: The new update lets you buy new street-oriented fashion accessories like new sunglasses, baseball caps, hats, jackets, tinted glasses, etc… This new accessory will definitely enhance the overall look of your avatar.

BGMI 2.2 Update Release Date All update details are explained

BGMI New Dress

the weather: BGMI’s latest update added a weather effect feature to its gameplay, where during the game, battle royale matches you will see many types of weather like rain, snow, storm, sandstorm etc… This special feature brings more realism. Makes gameplay and combat more challenging.

BGMI 2.2 Update Release Date All update details are explained

BGMI is a new update feature

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Fast cars: One of the boring features of BGMI is having relatively slow cars, which made the gaming experience less interesting. But the latest update added many fast cars for “Street Racing Story”. Gamers can get their cars from the cars section and modify and upgrade their 4-wheelers by using special gold coins, which they can buy or earn by playing the game.

BGMI 2.2 Update Release Date All update details are explained

BGMI Cars Update

BGMI 2.3 update

The 2.3 update of BGMI does not contain major changes like its previous update. It has some minor changes like weapons, mods and some changes in themes. The update is around 716 MB for Android users and around 2 GB for IOS users.

What is BGMI game?

BGMI is a battle royale-themed first-person and third-person shooter mobile game where 100 players are left on an island with no weapons or tools. When they land, they have to search for weapons, guns and ammunition and kill the reaming players to win the game.

Apart from that, the players should be aware of the zone, if by any chance they get inside the zone, the entire area will be bombed badly and most likely, the players will die. So players should always keep an eye on the zone.

While playing the game, players will see a drop which basically carries many essential weapons, ammo and many other essential items like health potions, bandages, bulletproof clothing etc… which will come in handy during the game.

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