What is HH Full Form in Medical, Whatsapp, Instagram, Caste

What is HH Full Form in Medical, Whatsapp, Instagram, Caste: What does HH stand for? This article contains information on the HH full form or abbreviation in several industries such as File Type, Medical, Business, Computing, Miscellaneous, and Real Estate.

We’ve gone through complete HH full form in File Type in depth, as well as the meanings of HH in many other categories like hh full form in medical, hh full form in instagram, hh full form in time, hh full form in caste, hh full form in whatsapp, hh full form in reservation, hh full form in banking, hh full form in hindi

Definition of ’HH’ in British English

In British English HH Refers To His Highness

What is HH Full Form in Medical, Whatsapp, Instagram, Caste

TermFull FormCategory
HHC++ Header FileFile Type
HHHiatus HerniaDiseases & Conditions
HHHip HopManagement
HHHaunted HouseGames & Entertainment
HHHold HandsChat & Messaging
HHHouseholdReal Estate
HHHappy HappyMessaging
HHHappy HourBusiness Terms
HHHellhoundsGames & Entertainment
HHHandsome HunkMessaging
HHHomonymous HemianopiaDiseases & Conditions
HHHeaven And HellMusic
HHHead HunterJob Title
HHHandholeArchitecture & Constructions
HHHigh HopesMusic
HHHome Health CareHealthcare
HHHome HelpCompanies & Corporations
HHHypogonadotropic HypogonadismDiseases & Conditions
HHHelly HansenCompanies & Corporations
HHHead HeadLanguage & Linguistics
HHHappy HannukahChat & Messaging
HHHis HolinessReligion & Spirituality
HHHerbie HancockCelebrities & Famous
HHHilton HeadTowns & Cities
HHHubert HumphreyCelebrities & Famous
HHHands HighMilitary and Defence
HHHappy HarvesterMovies & Film
HHHigh HeatElectronics
hhHalothane HepatitisDiseases & Conditions
HHHemoglobin And HematocritAnatomy & Physiology
HHHydrostatic HeadElectronics
HHHigh HonoursAcademic Degrees
HHHard HouseMusic
HHHenry HardingCelebrities & Famous
HHHalf HourlyBusiness Terms
HHHodgkin HuxleyGenetics
HHHalf HeuslerMathematics
HHHollow HandleFashion & Lifestyle
HHHector HughCelebrities & Famous
HHHubbs HallBuildings & Landmarks
HHHollywood HeatMovies & Film
HHHighland HeatherFarming & Agriculture
HHHighpass HoldGeneral Computing
HHHansestadt HamburgProvinces
HHHeart and HustleSports
HHHeavy HoleChemistry
HHHenry HebbardCompanies & Corporations
HHHarry HarrimanCelebrities & Famous
HHHappy HumperMessaging
hhHaven HallUniversities & Institutions
HHHolly HobbyNews
HHHand HammeredHome & Garden
HHHoming PatternMilitary and Defence
HHHideous HogAnimal Physiology
HHHeil HitlerFashion & Lifestyle
HHHockey HieloHockey
HHHydralazine Acid Labile HydrazoneBiochemistry
HHHorizontal Transmit, Horizontal ReceiveCommunication
HHHuisache HallArchitecture & Constructions
HHHorizontally HomogeneousMaths
HHHollywood Hogan, WrestlerCompanies & Corporations
HHHerold HelzerCompanies & Corporations
HHHeifer HerderLanguage Codes
HHHerbert Hoover, United States PresidentCelebrities & Famous
HHHerbario HerrerenseRegional Organizations
HHHardy HellerAnatomy & Physiology
HHHenry HeanonNews
HHHenk HofstedeCelebrities & Famous
HHHydrolysis HouseChemistry
HHHolland HarmonyMusic
HHH. H. SmithCompanies & Corporations
HHHooper Holmes, Inc.Companies & Corporation

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Other HH Full Forms

TermFull Form
HHHappy Hippie Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Miley Cyrus
HHHartmann House Preparatory School, an independent preparatory school in Harare, Zimbabwe
HHHeirs Holdings, a Nigerian conglomerate with diversified interests
HHHelly Hansen, a Norwegian brand specializing in clothing and gear for oceans and mountains
HHHeywood Hill, a bookshop in London

HH Full Form in Transportation

TermFull Form
HHHH (Court Street Shuttle) a defunct line on the New York City Subway from 1936 to 1946
HHHH (Rockaway Shuttle), from 1962 to 1972
HHHH Ferry route between Helsingborg, Sweden and Helsingør, Denmark
HHAir Hamburg, a German airline based in Hamburg (IATA code HH)s

HH Full Form in Science and technology

TermFull Form
HHHh, a signalling molecule in Drosophila named for the Hedgehog signaling pathway
HHhh blood group, a rare blood type
HHHitchhiker Program, a NASA program established in 1984
HHHodgkin–Huxley model, an electrical model of neurons
HHMicrosoft Compiled HTML Help (hh.exe)

miscellaneous HH Full Forms

TermFull Form
HHhh (digraph), in several languages
HHHH, a brassiere cup size
HHHH, short for Hand-Held, a term in film production among camera staff
HHHH, the production code for the 1967 Doctor Who serial The Moonbase
HHHamburg, Germany (ISO 3166-2 code DE-HH) and HH (“Hansestadt Hamburg”), vehicle licence plate prefix
HHHappy Hour, a period of time (not necessarily one hour) when bars and restaurants offer discounts on food and/or drinks
HHHakainde Hichilema, Zambian politician

Frequently Asked Questions About HH Full Form

What is HH Full Form in Medical

HH Full Form in Medical is Hereditary hemochromatosis (HH) is the most frequent type of iron overload syndrome, which refers to disorders in which too much iron accumulates in the body. This much iron is hazardous to the body, causing organ damage, disease, and even death.

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What is HH full form in instagram

HH full form in instagram is Ha-Ha. HH is frequently used in text-based communications to show enjoyment with the meaning “Ha-Ha.” It has a similar connotation in this context to the acronyms HA (Laugh/Laughing) and LOL (Laugh/Laughing Out Loud). HH, like HA and LOL, is frequently used in a sarcastic manner.

What is HH full form in whatsapp

HH full form in whatsapp is holding hands. When delivered by your SO or another sweetheart, HH stands for “holding hands.” Couples use HH to pretend to hold hands over the Internet because you can’t (yet) physically hold hands over the Internet.

What is Hh full form in Time

HH full form in Time is (Hour|| Minute)HH:MM. Time is measured on a 24-hour basis. Seconds are not provided. 14:18 is an example.

What is Hh full form in caste

Hh full form in caste is Visually Handicapped, Hearing Handicapped, and Orthopaedically Handicapped, respectively.

What is HH full form in Banking

HH full form in Banking is bank loans to households (HH)

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