What is Happening in Hunter X Hunter Anime?

Hunter x Hunter will formally return on October 23 with all-new chapters, according to a recent tweet from Shonen Jump.

Despite a four-year sabbatical, Yoshihiro Togashi secretly announced in May that he was writing fresh chapters for the series.

This is the ideal moment to read the manga again because new content will soon be available. Because VIZ recently stated that all 390 chapters of HxH would be accessible to binge-read in honour of HxH’s comeback, even brand-new fans still have time to read them all!

Read this article all the way through to catch up on Hunter x Hunter as quickly as possible! Today I’m going to go into detail on where the plot and all the key characters left off, and I’ll give you a complete arc-by-arc summary of the whole series.

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1. What happened last in the Hunter x Hunter manga?

In the last chapter of the Hunter x Hunter manga, Hinrigh collaborated with two brand-new characters, Lynch and Zakuro, to assassinate Morena Prudo and locate Hisoka on Tier 3 of the Black Whale. Hisoka’s reappearance and the subsequent confrontation with Morena have not yet occurred.

The last chapter of the Succession Contest arc and the last chapter ever made available as part of Hunter x Hunter is Chapter 390, which is named Clash: Part 1.

With Hinrigh and Morena’s complete combat and Hisoka’s reappearance, who had just lately returned from the “dead” after his struggle with Chrollo, Chapter 392 is probably Clash: Part 2. He then goes inside the Black Whale to murder the troopers there.

2. Where is Gon? What happened last with Gon in the Hunter x Hunter manga?

The Dark Continent Expedition storyline, which isn’t at all about Gon, is where we last saw him. He returns to Whale Island as a “regular” young person and picks up his studies there. Gon was unable to overcome Neferpitou by utilising Nen.

After Kite’s passing, Gon expresses his anger and sadness in chapter 305 and begs his Nen for the most strength it has ever possessed. Punching him into a mountain, he transforms into an elder version of himself.

Killua informs Gon that Alluka cured him after Gon lost consciousness in chapter 338 of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc. Following that, Killua and Gon split ways, with Killua declaring his desire to tour the globe with his sister, Alluka.

At the World Tree, Gon converses with his father Ging for the first time in person. Gon gives his father his hunting licence back.

They had another phone conversation after leaving. At this point, Ging assists Gon in realising that, perhaps as a result of Alluka’s healing, he has lost the capacity to utilise Nen and cannot see his aura.

This is where Gon, our dependable protagonist from chapter 1, left off. There has been no question that he is and will always be our main character, despite the fact that he has been ignored several times in favour of other characters.

The upcoming chapters will undoubtedly focus on Gon’s life, his new adventure, and how he plans to reunite with Nen.

3. What happened last with Killua in the Hunter x Hunter manga?

Killua corridor ways with Gon at the end of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election bow to travel the world with his family, Alluka/ Nanika. We do see Killua in the Succession Contest bow, where he has a phone discussion with Kurapika.

Kurapika tells Killua about his design of getting nimrods closer to the tycoons in the form of guards, and Killua recommends Biscuit Kreuger for the job.
We’re bound to get further of Killua – I mean, that’s not indeed in question. Killua will probably return in action at the same time as Gon.

4. What happened last with Kurapika in the

Hunter x Hunter manga?

We last eyed Kurapika in the Succession Contest bow, where he hires 5 hunters to infiltrate the Kakin princes ’ screen detail. Kurapika takes on the job of protecting Queen Oito and Princess Woble, and ends up transferring Little Eye to the Queen.

He trains all the guards to waken and exercise Nen. In the Yorknew City bow, after Kurapika binds Chrollo with Judgement Chain, he leaves the municipality to remain his quest for the Scarlet Eyes. In the 13th Hunter Chairman Election bow finds several stolen Scarlet Eyes and holds a entombment for his clan ingredients.

The Dark mainland passage arc, Leorio and Kurapika get an ask to join the circles and also, with Mizaistom determines that Saiyu is the operative inside the circles. By the end of manga, Kurapika awakens all his savants to Nen after giving away them a total of 8 lectures about how it works. The new chapter will surely claw deeper into Woble’s connection to Kurapika, and the 9th Prince Halkenburg’s massive air/ Nen capacities.

5. What happened last with Leorio in the

Hunter x Hunter manga?

Leorio begins his employment as a doctor for Tier 3 of the Black Whale as he travels to the Dark Continent. He reports to Cheadle, the Hunter Association’s current chairperson.

As you probably recall, Leorio struck Ging during the Zodiacs speech in the 13th Hunter Chairman Election storyline. He and Kurapika are both invited to join the Zodiacs in the subsequent arc after that.

According to Cheadle, the Zodiacs’ ability to influence others will be aided by his presence as a highly respected Hunter Association member.

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