What is dynamite and who invented it?

You must have heard the name of a big explosive like dynamite, but do you know who invented dynamite, if not, then let us tell you what is dynamite and who invented dynamite.

What is Dynamite

Dynamite is an explosive substance made by chemicals. When dynamite is detonated, it releases a huge amount of energy and with it the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere reaches 3500 Kelvin.

Due to the increase in temperature so much damage is done to the material kept nearby and to the living beings. The most important chemical for making dynamite is nitroglycerin. Because nitroglycerin wants to go to 13 ° C, to prevent this, dinitro mono chloro hydryl is mixed in it. This is how dynamite is made.

Who invented dynamite?

Dynamite was invented by Alfred Bernard Nobel in 1867, Alfred Bernard was a Swedish chemical scientist who was born in 1833, although he has made 355 inventions throughout his life, but the most popular and famous invention was dynamite. . He used to produce dynamite in his father’s factory.

He had worked very hard to make this big explosive dynamite. Let us tell you that one of the big prizes, the Nobel Prize is given in his name only. He died in 1896, December 10, after which the Nobel Prize is distributed to the winner in the fields like physics, chemical, literature, physiology and peace according to his behest.

Which scientist invented the explosive substance

The name of the scientist who invented the explosive substance was Alfred Bernard Nobel. Dynamite is invented by mixing a number of chemical substances with nitroglycerin and wood sawdust.

While making this explosive, there was a big dynamite explosion in Alfred’s factory in which many workers died and his brothers were also in that factory, due to which they also died. Meaning that the cause of his brother’s death was also dynamite. By the way, he is still honored for a big invention like dynamite.

What is the use of dynamite?

Because dynamic is an explosive material, it is used for ignition and as a bomb. It is a type of intense explosive which is designed for peace time. It will be used for demolition industry, mining, construction.

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