What is a water frame and who invented the water frame

Friends, do you know what is water frame and who invented water frame, if not then definitely read this article till the end, in this article we have shared you detailed information about water frame.

What is a water frame?

A water frame is a water-powered machine whose wheels are powered by water. This machine is capable of spinning more than 90 threads at a time, and in earlier models the thread broke while spinning, meaning it was raw, but the water frame was cut with solid thread.

This machine is based on a spinning machine that has rolls that secure the threads. This machine is very useful in the production of cotton yarn, it is not used in present times.

Who invented the water frame?

Invention of the Water frame Richard Arch Raid happened. He made a model of water frame with water power, so he named it water frame. This invention worked faster than other machines, making the work of workers easier.

When was the water frame invented?

The water frame was invented and used in 1765, but it was patented in 1767. Hence, we consider its discovery in 1767. And even in history the invention of the water frame is said to be in the year 1767 itself.

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