What are Telegram premium Benefits : Telegram has officially released Premium Service 2022

At the close of last year, it was speculated that Telegram might include a Telegram premium paid tire. Advertisements were made available on the forum. Then, last month, creator Pavel Durov released the membership data, followed by the news that the plan was developing a play on some of its characteristics, omitting its price and availability.

Telegram premium range has now officially launched, which includes a slew of intriguing features designed to help the company monetize its massive global user base. It includes all of the previously leaked tools, advancements, and more, but maintains all existing features free, implying that the software will not alter for people who do not wish to pay for a subscription.

What are Telegram premium Benefits

Telegram premium Benefits

One of the primary benefits of the Telegram premium is a rise in the file size restriction from 2GB to 4GB, which is enough for four hours of 1080p video by our estimation. Subscribers can also download data quicker, however free users may also download 4GB of files supplied by premium users at slower speeds.

Premium customers also get access to 1000 channels and groups, 10 bookmarked conversations, 20 public links, 10 favorite stickers, and 400 saved GIFs. You may also include a link to a lengthy bio of yourself.

Following that, Telegram will provide a premium voice-to-text transcription technology that will convert voice communications into text.

Telegram Premium voice-to-text transcription

Whatsapp operates in this manner; moreover, there is a chat management tool that allows you to build custom folders and define your default folder, which automatically archives and mutes incoming chats from non-contacts.

Of course, there are certain cosmetic bonuses, such as badges that signify your premium status and the moving profile image. You will also receive exclusive stickers and responses to share with free users, as well as new app icons to add to your home screen.

Paid customers are also exempt from watching sponsored messages that run on large public channels. However, there are additions that all users may benefit from, such as the option to add a request button to join public groups, public personalities, and verification badges for organizations, so that free users do not feel alienated. On Android, automatic storing and improved conversation previews are available.

Telegram Premium Price

The latest upgrade to Telegram Premium on iOS will cost RM22.90 per month, although the update is not yet accessible for Android phones. Telegram indicated that it desired long-term monetization that would justify subscriptions as a method of driving development, largely through its users rather than advertisers.

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