What are keywords, and Why are they important for SEO?

Hey guys, welcome to this post. I am very happy to see you reading my post. Here we will talk about keywords, what are keywords and why they are important for you and for your Website SEO.

The simple definition is that Keywords are the words, or the phrases that are used by your target audience by your clients, people that may be interested in your product or your service. These keywords are used by them when they go to any of the search engines and want to look for information.

For example, let’s say I have this course, the SEO course that I want to optimize for SEO.

I do want to create a page and grow the rankings. What is the keyword that I need to look for? When I ask this question, I need to think about my target audience and what is the word or the phrase that they will use on Google to find my content. So that’s the best way to put it.

We don’t need to go to difficult definitions here. You need to understand that keywords are only the words and the phrases that people use on Google to find your products your service, or to find what they are looking on the web.

Why Keywords are important for your Websites Ranking?

Why you need to know the keywords that your target audience is using, basically, because that’s the most important thing for SEO, the keyword is the base of the whole SEO system, we need to know exactly what are the keywords and the phrases your audience is using to find content related with what you have to offer.

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If we know the keywords that your users use to find your products, your content online, it is very powerful, because we can use that to optimise your website on your social media. And also, you can use that to attract more people to be discovered organically without paying for ads by millions of people that may be on your target hours. So that’s why keywords are very important for you.

Lets take a look at this quick example:

Go to Google. So we can have keywords that are only one word, or we can keyword phrases which are a combination of words that your user will use to find your products or services. So let’s use some examples here.

Let’s say you have a blog, you have a website, where you teach people how to create how to make a chocolate cake for example. So your keyword will be chocolate cake, right? So we can come here and we can type chocolate cake recipe. That will be the phrase that your users will type on Google to find content that you are creative. Doesn’t matter what your company doesn’t matter.

What is your topic, what is the niche that you are working in? In all the cases there are specific keywords that your customers are using to find content from you from your company or from your competitors online. And we want to know we need to know these keywords and we will use them efficiently applying the best strategies to make sure you rank higher using all these keywords. See you in the next post.

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