How to watch Kizuna no Allele episodes? Streaming guide

Fans are wondering how to watch Kizuna no Allele episodes. This interesting anime called Kizuna no Allel is based on V-Roots, sometimes called virtual people.

Kizuna no Allel is said to be an honest and loving homage to Kizuna AI, a much-loved vlogger from the Japanese vlogger industry. In its first year, from 2016 to 2021, Kizuna amassed millions of members and fans on YouTube.

If you’re wondering what the word kizuna refers to, it refers to a virtual character creation tool used online in Japan to create V-tube models. Do you want to be a vlogger? It’s definitely worth a shot!

With such a following, it makes sense that there are now anime series based on V-Tubers. The post will reveal an episode guide, streaming guide, and air dates and times for the show.

What is the plot of Kizuna no Aleel?

The anime is said to belong to the genre known as shoujo and focuses on an educational theme. Young girls who aspire to become popular and known v-tubes like Kizuna should enroll in the popular ADEN Academy. They will receive instruction and support so that they can make their way in the world of virtual personalities.

 Kizuna no allele preview
A cut from the anime. (Thanks: Crunchyroll)

Much of the anime centers around the humorous life experiences of these young, curious vloggers at ADEN Academy and high school drama, including friends, rivals, and potential love interests. It definitely feels like your typical rom-com from high school.

A young girl nicknamed Miracle is the main character in Kizuna no Alil. Ayumi Hinohara is a famous voice actress from the Japanese anime industry, and she is set to voice The Miracle. Kizuna joins ADEN Academy hoping to become a legendary v-tuber like AI and win the Lapin d’Or, the highest accolade given to virtual artists or v-tubers.

Miracle meets a lot of people at ADEN Academy who share her goals, create experiences with her and help her realize her dreams.

What to expect from Kizuna No Allele?

The opening episode of Kizuna No Allele features our main protagonist Miracle, an online artist, and a typical day in her life. Miracle chooses a dubious shortcut and wakes up in the indoor garden to go about her daily routine and prepare to leave for ADEN Academy.

Kizuna no Allele cast
A still from the anime. (Thanks: Crunchyroll)

While strolling and enjoying the scenery, Miracle meets a very attractive boy. She immediately begins to have feelings for the boy. Next, she decides to join the gang for tea. They choose to strike up a conversation and then head towards ADEN Academy to pursue their known aspirations of becoming V-Artists.

Kizuna No Allele Release Date And Time According To Time Zone

Wit Studios credits Kizuna no Aleil for creating this unique anime. It is set to be animated in April 2023 and is scheduled to air every Tuesday at 1:30 (JST). Fans and viewers can check this schedule for regional dates based on JST to watch episodes in countries other than Japan.

Time ZoneDay/Time
EST (Eastern Standard Time)Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m
PST (Pacific Standard Time)Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m
CST (Central Standard Time)Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m
JST (Japan Standard Time)10:00 am on Tuesdays
GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)1:00 AM on Wednesdays
IST (India Standard Time)2:00 AM on Wednesdays
PKST (Pakistan Standard Time)2:30 AM on Wednesdays
CET (Central European Time)3:00 AM on Wednesdays
ACD (Australian Central Daylight Time)Wednesdays at 4:00 AM

How to watch Kizuna No Allele episodes?

RegionViewing TimePlatformCost per fan
USTuesdays at 9:00 PMCrunchyroll$6.99
PacificTuesdays at 6:00 PMCrunchyroll$6.99
UKWednesdays at 1:00 PMCrunchyroll£5.6
IndiaWednesdays at 2:00 AMCrunchyroll569 INR
PakistanWednesdays at 2:30 AMCrunchyroll1500 PKR
EuropeWednesdays at 3:00 AMCrunchyroll6.32 euros
AustraliaWednesdays at 4:00 AMCrunchyroll10.36 AUD

Kizuna no Allele Episodes Index with Release Date

EpisodeRelease Date
1April 4
2April 11
3April 18
4April 25
5May 2
6May 9
7May 16
8May 23
9May 30
10June 6
11June 13
12June 20

Kizuna no Allele – Official Trailer

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