Use These 13 Content Writing Tips for Beginners [2023]

I know it’s really hard to stand out from your content where already countless articles are published every day. And many beginners content writers are also confused. Are you looking for a proven Content Writing Tips for Beginners that helps to improve writing skills that readers loved to read and stick with your content at the end of the blogpost? then you’re reading the right blogpost right now.

And also achieve Google’s #1 position which drives huge traffic on blog, with that increase social share blog and most importantly giving valuable information after reading your articles.

Luckily, some Content Writing Tips for Beginners that helps to produce good articles every time and give awesome results from it, if you follows content writing tips that I gives you in article.

Write Short and Simple Paragraphs

The number one Content Writing Tips for Beginners for effective content writing is that break the texts into shorts and easy paragraphs because readability matters a lot of any piece of article’s success, it’s a break or makes based on the readability score of content.

It makes when readers easy to read and understand what you give them information. On another side, it breaks when readers struggle to understand what exactly you describe the topic.

To make this easier, let’s take two examples.

The first example: a blog contains only a wall of words text without any paragraphs.

The second example: a blog article looks neat and clean, well-formatted structure with short paragraphs to present their topic in front of you.

Now tell me which one you select to read? 

If I’m not wrong, you select the second example because of the length of their paragraphs and the ease to read without boring Text and kick out the first article example that has nothing but only words text.

In short, break the article’s texts into short paragraphs that help readers more understand the topic.

A simple rule, make the paragraph’s length around 3-5 lines or even only one line.

Practice And Pratice Continousily

I see every time, many people asked the same question“How do I improve my content writing skill”.

Firstly, I’ll tell you. there are no shortcuts and magic tricks that take your writing skills to the next level overnight.

You need to hard work and practice upon average writing skills to make it better.

The answer is practice, practice, and practice to write awesome articles, it’s one of the best content writing tips to level up your writing skills from ground to sky but it depends upon how much you do hard work and practice regularly.

What do you think all professional writer’s writing skills are superb because they have magical power?

Short answer: NO

They are not good content writer from day 1 but they all are doing writing practice regularly to achieve fluently level in their writing which currently you see in their content.

Read More For High-Quality Content

Reading blogs regularly in your niche helps better to understand topic and gots ideas your competitors writes articles.

Apart from that, to read more means you updated yourself on your niche. While reading others articles you should observe writing tone, how they communicate with their readers.

Add Bold, Italic, Bullet Points And Subheading

Maybe you see how I used bold and italic text format to highlight some specific points in this blog post.

Using text formats in articles makes it easier to show important sentences or words helps readers understand the topic in a better way.

After this, you need to include bullet points and subheadings to divide content into small parts that readers better understand what you explain in a blog post.

Never Forget Proofreading Steps

It’s the most important phase which most beginners skip but you don’t take risks to skip this step.

Newbies who don’t have knowledge about it skipped these parts and click publish button.

No matter, how to work hard you put into articles, your all hard work goes into the dustbin if they fulfill so much plagiarism content and grammar mistakes. Google never ranked a blog article that has a plagiarism score.

As a result, readers don’t love your content because of grammar mistakes.

To protect yourself from this error, you need to scan blog articles with grammar tools and plagiarism scores every time before hitting publish button.

To check grammar mistakes, I personally use Grammarly – a FREE tool also available for chrome extension also. And for plagiarism score checking I recommend a free tool called Duplichecker– easy to use even if you newbie, just paste your content and wait for the result. In the free version, you get 1000 words for scan once time.

After finishing both works, it’s time to look at the paragraph’s length, subheadings, the structure of content and makes free from all writing errors.

Always Edit After Finished Writing Work

One of the big reasons why some blog writers can’t achieve writing goals before the deadline is because they edit words and focus on grammar mistakes while typing content.

It eats lots of time and effort to finish an article if you follow this process.

This makes your content a very lengthy process that takes lots of time, it is fine to make error-free content but you got unlimited chances to edit the content after writing through proofreading.

While typing words your mind is focused on information that you gain from resources, so it’s much better to type words without worrying about errors or mistakes and edit them later.

Use Eye-Catchy Headlines on Blogpost Titles

This part that you don’t skip this content writing tips because it’s necessary to grab the reader’s attention in catchy headlines, make this headline between 55-60 characters.

While doing this process, focus to add main keywords for optimizing headlines to rank better in search engines.

To check headline score, you simply go with online headline analyzer tools that simpler your work.

Never Forget To Add Visual Graphics With Articles

Adding images such as screenshots, infographic charts, and statistics data make high-quality content.

Reader loved the content that included images with valuable information and helps better understand any topic.

It’s much better if you make your images using your creative level to create something amazing using online tools

Super Easy to Understand Anyone

The audience loved reading content that has well structured and content formating which includes short paragraph sentences and the way you present any topic in front of readers to give them valuable information.

For this, you add some bullet points with article content, make sure bullet points not be too long, and try to make it as short and simple as possible.

Avoid Hard Words and Sentences

In order to make articles super easier to understand everyone, you need to use easy and common words in an article to explain the complex in a better way which audience digests what you trying to say.

Look any professional content writer, they have art in writing skill which helps to explain a topic easiest way which anyone read easily even beginner also. They use proper paragraphs formatting, well-optimized subheadings which makes content great for readers.

I would recommend using the Hemingway tool to come up with more understandable and readers friendly content after analyzing articles on this tool.

Word Counts Matters a lot on Ranking

No doubt, article word count affects your ranking performance on search engine and decide the ranking position of the blog from this.

So, try to make content at least 1000 words, it’s a general word count for the normal topic.

But in some topics, you need to cross the limit and write an in-depth guide to explain that increase up to 4000 or even more words count, which depends upon the topic.

Here’s a study from buzz sumo that shows how word counts affect website ranking.

STOP Now Publishing Plagiarism Content

Always make it 100 % unique articles, avoid writing copied content from other sources, you take inspiration from other website’s information to know how they write content, which topic is covered in articles.

One of most content writing tips for beginners that publish always plagiarism-free articles.

To ensure the article is plagiarism-free or not, use online free plagiarism checker tools for this.

I use Duplichecker to check my article plagiarism score after scanning through this tool.

Images Makes More Enagaging Content

Adding images and some visual graphics such as infographics, static data, charts, and screenshots boost your content quality on a higher level.

Because people spend longer on a website when they understand these things with articles.

You can create your images from an online editing tool like Canva. It also has pre-made templates in many categories.

And you can also go with some amazing copyright-free images websites to download high-quality images free of cost.

Prepare Blog Outline Before Type Any Words (Bonus Tip)

If you want to decrease the time to finish articles in record time, you need to prepare a perfect blog outline for the blog before typing something.

It helps focus on one direction while writing and avoid jumpout any ideas from the mind because of the outline where contains the information about the topic.

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Final Thoughts

As you see I mentioned the most actionable content writing tips that are very helpful especially for beginners who struggle to come up with high-quality articles.

Share these articles with others to spread this information on a broader level.

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