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Two Point Campus Review – No, you can’t have an extension

Two Point Campus on PC

As an avid fan of the sim/builder/tycoon genre, Two Point Campus was the game for me. However, I’ll admit I had some mediocre expectations considering I couldn’t seem to get excited about its predecessor, Two Point Hospital. I’m happy to say I was pleasantly surprised by Two Point Campus as it seems to take the best parts of Two Point Hospital and make them even better while still providing a much needed quality of life.

Two Point Campus is the latest project from Two Point Studios who, as you might have guessed, also developed Two Point Hospital. However, this time, instead of running an unethical hospital, we are creating, designing and operating our own college. Two Point Campus scores well in presenting this experience in the most disjointed way.

First and foremost, this game is absurdly funny. There are many great jokes that made me smile the whole time. From portraits of staff members dabbing to the courses themselves, which are puns, and tongue-in-cheek digs at college cliques. There’s also a radio that features a Sherlock Holmes-style fan fiction and a host who asks anyone with an idea to submit something so they can fill in dead air, along with lots of other fun parts and jokes that absolutely are scattered everywhere. My only complaint about the humor is that after a while the radio seemed to repeat a lot of the content over and over again.

However, that brings me to my next point. The game is just full of pure charm and there is a lot of from the heart here. You can tell Two Point Games really had fun making this. I’ve often found myself zooming in to see animations playing, or looking for the odd hidden reference or joke. Every part of the game feels like it’s designed to push this crazy satirical school theme forward, and it’s done so well that even after 15 hours I still enjoy watching the students just do it at my school go about their strange little life.

This was probably the strongest point for me during my time playing Two Point Campus, a lot of effort was put into giving the students individual personalities and routines. Students will be on your campus for a few years and you will have the pleasure of watching them grow, learn, form relationships and leave junk everywhere before you finally expel them from school for saying that they will no longer pay.

Now let’s talk about the mechanics and how they tie into everything. It’s pretty much what you’d normally expect and pretty close to what you got in Two Point Hospital, just with a lot of added quality-of-life features. You hire staff, construct buildings and rooms in those buildings, and make sure all your students are happy and passing classes. It’s really simple and straight forward when it’s written out, but in practice it’s really nuanced and can honestly be overwhelming at times as, like its predecessor, it layers new mechanics at each new level in the campaign.

As with any university, money is your driving force. It pays the rent and your bills, and helps you fund new projects, new courses, and overall growth. The key to making money is keeping your students happy; The more impressive your campus, the more students you join each year, and if those students aren’t happy, they’ll drop out or refuse to pay you. This is where the nuances and overwhelming things come into play. You never have a moment of real stability during the school year, the students are constantly asking for new things and asking for more and more as their education progresses.

Only when the year is over does it finally feel like a big sigh of relief. You have the ability to undertake large building projects and add or upgrade classes or make other major changes and schedule training for your employees. I really enjoyed the idea and how it fuels the imagination of running your own school, but as the year goes on it can get quite overwhelming trying to keep the students happy and making sure they are paying off.

At Two Point Hospital, your facility was a constant whirlwind of chaos, and a fortuitous event could tip the scales into a spiral of debt and bad decisions. Two Point Campus is similar in that it can be very frustrating to keep up the spirit and grades on campus. When a student is upset they make other students around them upset and then you have several students spiraling and waiting a long line outside your counseling office and so on and so on and on. The saving grace is that if things get really bad, you can take out a loan to shore yourself up again. I really enjoyed having a way of saving but felt that maybe loans would be too good as the largest sum is a huge sum of money and can easily be recouped by spending it to help your school for to make next year more attractive.

In terms of running the class itself and managing the staff, it was a really pleasant experience. Each class is very unique, fun and interesting. From General Knowledge to Potions and Wizardry classes, I was always excited to see what classes my students would take and what costumes they would wear for each class.

The classes themselves are upgraded and have a nice almost tiered system based on your research and the items you can place around the room. Over time, the library will tie into your teaching by introducing special bookshelves that students need for more advanced courses. This leads to a really satisfying sense of progress as your rooms slowly level up over time and students begin more advanced studies.

Staffing your classrooms and facilities is also very easy, even to a mistake, you just click on the person you want and place them where you want them. However, I constantly wished I could have more control over my employees’ breaks and schedules, and it felt like employees would just walk around and do whatever they wanted, even if I put them in a specific workspace.

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Students need medical care, pastoral care, clean dormitories and sanitary facilities as well as food and drink facilities and all of this needs staff. It’s been a frustrating experience building a nice big food court only to find that the wizards you assigned to the food buildings are nowhere to be seen. It also hurts your students’ grades and, in turn, your cash flow. Students who have to wait for an aide to show up and provide medical or pastoral care add to their preexisting boredom and begin to drop out. Unless you put a super cool Crazy Taxi Arcade machine in the lobby.

Two Point Campus Review - No, you can't have an extension

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Two Point Campus. It has many similar features and ideas to Two Point Hospital, but also makes improvements in the right directions and creates a better overall feel. If you like simulation games and need a good laugh, or you were just a big fan of Two Point Hospital, you should definitely check this out. Two Point Studios has once again taken a funny, whimsical, and satirical look at what the sim and tycoon genre can offer us.

Reviewer: Zach Eubanks | Forgive: The Editor’s Choice | Copy provided by the publisher.

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