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Top Tips to Protect WiFi Router from Hackers

In a recent move by the Indian government, it has banned 59 Chinese apps in the country, a major reason behind this being that there was some dispute over the border between India and China.

The IT ministry said it is receiving complaints from various sources, including reports of misuse on Android and iOS platforms for servers located outside India to steal and securely transmit users’ data in an unauthorized manner.

Although the government does not know about these allegations in detail, but it has made us think about security, which can be said to be a big link for people working remotely all over India. Is coming up as a ‘router’.

Why is router necessary?

The router checks incoming and outgoing traffic, acting as a gatekeeper to ensure that no dangerous viruses can enter or sensitive exits. It controls access to your WiFi network, and through it, all devices including your tablet, phone, laptop, desktop, and more access your network. So if someone wants to gain access to your network, it will not take long for that person to get access to the devices connected to your network and compromise them.

Can you secure your router?

Yes, you can, although for this you have to follow some steps ie any lepers that can be taken to reduce the risk of a router breaking, we are going to tell you all those steps. . These steps are relatively easy for this will require users to access the router’s settings, which can usually be done via a web browser or app on your phone (if your router supports it). You can check the documentation that comes with the router on how to find these settings.

How to access wifi router settings in web browser

Settings> Network and Internet> View your Network Properties> DNS Servers> Now copy the IP Address into the web browser. Here you see that you do not have to type anything in the username, and the password is admin. However, in many cases, it is also the case that both the username and password are administrators. Now that you have access to the settings, let us tell you how you can protect Wi-Fi router from hackers.

Change your wi-fi password

For this, the first thing you need to do is to set a strong and unique password that is not easy to guess, which is very important to keep your router more secure. First, every WiFi router has two passwords, one is Settings (router admin control) and the other is WPA access password. You have to change both of these.

We hope that after doing this, your router is going to be quite secure, although you will have to be vigilant while choosing the password. You have to choose a password that is not easy to guess, however you will have to remember it somewhere, because if you do not remember it, then you too have access to the Wi-Fi router if you need it at any time. There may be problem in doing this, we will ask you to write this password somewhere which is accessible to you.

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