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Top Roasted advertisement campaign By Brands of all Times 2022

What could be worse than a foe who can harbour resentment? You are absolutely screwed if the adversary has millions to spend on advertising efforts. I’m not joking. Some of these advertising strategies by companies skewering their rivals are petty as hell!

This Apple advertisement comparing the Mac and PC spawned several memes and was a cultural phenomenon.

From 2006 through 2009, 66 TV advertisements were produced for this campaign. The characters from “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” inspired countless parodies. One man uses a Mac, while the other uses a PC. The entire advertisement has Mac criticizing every flaw in PC.

Hulu later learned that Netflix has a social media staff that should not be trifled with.

Google Chrome vs. Microsoft

The inclusion of longtime competitors Microsoft and Google Chrome on this list comes as no surprise. For this campaign, we go back to Google’s “Chrome: Now Everywhere” advertisement, which the company released in 2013 in an effort to promote its browser.

Top Roasted advertisement campaign By Brands of all Times 2022

Microsoft responded by releasing the “Scroogled” advertising campaign. Users of Chrome were given a slight signal that Google was following them and violating their privacy by this, in the manner of Burger King. They also issued anti-Google goods, to which Google replied more maturely by merely saying that it understood Microsoft’s aggressive actions given how crowded the market was.

Jaguar vs. the Mercedes-Benz chicken


Consider yourself Mercedes-Benz. You invest months coming up with the ideal viral marketing campaign that shows off the stability of your autos in a charming and well-liked manner. People adore it when you make a comparison between your product and a chicken, and your marketing staff is overjoyed.

Jaguar then shows up

They borrow your idea and remake the identical commercial, except in their version, a Jaguar effectively consumes your chicken, vehicle, and marketing strategy. Pretty terrible, huh?

Pepsi vs Coca-Cola


Even though their Kendall Jenner campaign caused one of the greatest crises of the decade for Pepsi, they have continued to disparage Coca-Cola in subsequent years.

However, this Pepsi advertisement from 2013 is our favourite attempt at casting shade in our opinion.

Pepsi created an advertisement just in time for Halloween that featured their can dressed in a Coca-Cola cape. We wish you a frightening Halloween, was all that was said on the tag.

Sadly for Pepsi, social media users who did not believe in the campaign “relaunched” the advertisement with the tagline “Everybody wants to be a hero.”

This illustrated the influence of customers by demonstrating how the focus of the story can simply be switched back to the original author. This must have hurt Pepsi, but maybe it wouldn’t have seemed so awful if they had known the reaction their Kendall Jenner advertisement will face in 2017.

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