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Top 9 Highest Paying Government Jobs After Graduation

In India, every year millions of students give exams for government jobs, which makes it very clear that the demand for government jobs is very high. The reason for this is the government sector provides you with job security, a high salary, and high accommodation.

But you can learn some programming languages like HTML, Java and boost your carrier in both Government and Private Sector

In this article,

I have discussed briefly the Top 9 Highest paying Government jobs which you can apply for after graduation.

1. Indian foreign service

In this service, the officers are sent abroad to represent their country. IFS officers are posted in different countries of the world. In each country, they spend 3 years. All the other high-ranked officers get the blue passport but the IFS officer gets the brown passport.

  • The starting salary of an IFS  is 50,000 and can go up to 2 lakhs
  • IFS officials will get a house, in the country they will be posted
  • IFS officials are provided with an official vehicle
  • They get Free medical
  • They get helpers

But there is a well-said quote that

“No gain without pain”

So if you want to become an IFS officer you need to crack the CSE exam conducted by UPSC. As we all know that this exam is known as the mother of all exams.

2. Indian Administrative Service (IAS)

Serving as an IAS officer is a dream job for many. This job is considered an A-Grade government job. Both in terms of salary and power that you will get after becoming an IAS officer.

  • The starting salary is 50,000 along with a daily allowance(DA).
  • House will be provided 
  • Study leave will be given to those who want to pursue further studies
  • An official vehicle will be provided for work.

 If you want to become an IAS officer you need to crack CSE exam conducted by UPSC

3. Indian Police Service (IPS)

IPS officers have fewer powers compare to IAS officer but this job is no less than IAS. This job will give you some honour and salary as you get in IAS.

  • The starting salary is 50,000 along with Dearness Allowance (DA).
  • Study leave will be given
  • High accommodation will be provided
  • IPS officers get helpers
  • IPS is provided with a house.

4. Bank Probationary officer(PO)

 Bank PO is a very repetitive and managerial level post offered in government banks as well as private banks. In this job, candidates are directly recruited as officers in Banks.  SBI Bank PO is the desire of many. For this job, you have to crack the Bank PO exam conducted by government banks in India.

5. Defence services( CDS/AFCAT/NDA)

Defense services are indeed life-risking and high paying jobs. Defense officials get a higher salary and higher accommodations than civil servants.

  • Starting salary is around  50,000-60,000 and can go up to 1 lakh
  • Uniform allowance will be provided
  • A vehicle will be provided to you
  • Army quarter will be provided to you
  • The ration will be free
  • You will be provided with a children’s education allowance.

 For defense service, you need to crack exams conducted by authorities. CDs, you have to crack the CDS exam conducted by UPSC And for AFCAT you need to crack the AFCAT exam conducted by the Indian Airforce and so on.

6.   Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)

You can work as a scientist or engineer in  DRDO. It is Indian’s largest Research Organisation. So if your dream is to become a scientist, DRDO is best for you.

  • Starting salary is 55,000-60,000
  • House rental allowance will be given.
  • Bonus after 6 months will be given
  • Free food will be provided in the canteen

  For this job, You need to clear the exam conducted by DRDO

7. Indian Forest Service

Indian Forest Service is a job no less than IAS or IPS, both in terms of salary and respect among people. You are eligible for this exam only when you are graduated with a science background.

  • Starting of a salary is 50,000
  • House will be provided
  • An official vehicle will be provided
  • The helper will be provided

8. Lecturer in government schools.

After graduation, you can apply for lecturer in government schools

In my opinion, it is the best government job as you don’t have to study so much to clear the exam. And you have given just 2-3 lectures per day.

The salary of a government lecturer varies from 30,000-50,000.

9. Assistant Section Officer (ASO)

You can work as an ASO in the ministry of external affairs. ASO officer will get 6 postings in different countries throughout their carrier for 3 years in each country.

  • House accommodation
  • Medical facilities
  • Travel expenses

For this post, a candidate has to qualify a foreign language proficiency test.

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