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Where To Read Tokimori-san is completely defenseless Chapter 5? Release Date

Tokimori-san is completely defenseless Chapter 5 will be a new installment in the series, and with only 4 chapters, the series is growing in popularity and attracting more viewers as we speak. After reading the first 4 chapters, many fans of the series, myself included, want to swap lives with Sugawa.

I mean, after seeing the amazing situation our main character of the series finds himself in, who wouldn’t? With “Tokimori-san is Completely Defenseless Chapter 4” released earlier this week, fans are looking forward to the new chapter “Tokimori-san is Completely Defenseless Chapter 5” to be released.

Since this series is new, there are many questions about the series and its new chapter, so in this post we will give you all the details you need about Tokimori-san is Completely Defenseless. For the time being, the main concern of the fans regarding the new chapter of Tokimori-san Completely Defenseless is the release date of the new chapter as they can’t wait to read the new chapters.

Since Tokimori-san is Completely Defenseless Chapter 5 will be the new part of the series, we will provide you with the details of the new chapters such as Tokimori-san is Completely Defenseless Chapter 5 release date and where you can read the new chapters of Tokimori-san is completely defenseless.

However, let’s dive into all these details Tokimori-san is Completely Defenseless Chapter 5 after we educate new readers about the series and give them a little recap of Tokimori-san is Completely Defenseless so far. With that in mind, here we bring you the latest updates on Tokimori-san manga series Completely Defenseless.

Before that, On Tokimori-san was completely defenseless

The premise of this manga series is about the coexistence of employees of the opposite sex. How did that happen? Well, our male protagonist named Sugawa has been informed by his rental company that the house he is currently leaving will be demolished in two days, so at the moment Sugawa has nowhere to go and lives in a capsule apartment while his belongings are in a trunk.

Meanwhile, at his work, we learn that Sugawa’s colleague named Tokimori is a very beautiful woman with a model figure who is very helpful and active at work. Everyone at work relies on Tokimori, and the male workers have a crush on her. However, there is a side of Tokimori that no one knows and that is when she is at home she is lazy and doesn’t even clean her apartment.

Tokimori-san is completely defenseless Chapter 5

Once, after Sugawa saves Tokimori from a strange man who was flirting with her, she dumps Tokimori at her home and learns about her weird side that no one knows. Since Sugawa has nothing to clean in his house, he ends up cleaning Tokimori’s house.

When Tokimori finds out about Sugawa’s situation, she offers to go with her by paying half the rent. The latter agrees and the strange living situation of the two colleagues begins. We see Sugawa helping Tokimori by doing any chore when they are at home, be it cleaning their underwear or even undressing. How long will this situation last in Sugawa’s life?

Tokimori-san is completely defenseless Chapter 5 Release Date

There is no official announcement Tokimori-san is completely defenseless Chapter 5 release date, but it is expected to be released on Monday, January 30, 2023, in line with the previous chapter release pattern.

The publication date for the above is subject to change and may be delayed from the publication date mentioned to a publication earlier. We’ll be sure to update this section once we know more about the Tokimori-san is completely defenseless Chapter 5 release date.

Where can you read that Tokimori-san is completely defenseless?

As of this writing, there is no publisher outside of Japan that could bring the new chapters Tokimori-san is completely defenseless digitally. Fans who wish to support the author by reading Tokimori-san is Completely Defenseless can legally purchase the manga series volumes once they are available in their respective regions.

Given the rising popularity of Tokimori-san is Completely Defenseless, as we speak we can expect the chapter to be released on well-known platforms of the likes of Manga Plus or Webtoon.

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