Today’s Wordle 496 Hints and solutions 28, 2022

Wordle 496 Hints: We’ve finally arrived at the Wordle answer of the day for Thursday 28 October 2022 complete with tips and answers or Wordle 496 Hints for each! If you want to solve this problem without looking at the solution, you need to put on your thinking cap and look for unusual word forms.

As mentioned before, we will provide some clues before revealing the solution. Scroll to the bottom of the article if you just want the answer. It is located immediately below the previously mentioned “SPOILER WARNING‘ in bold. The following part offers both some simple pointers (if the word is a noun or a verb, a very broad category of what it might be, etc.) and some more precise pointers for those of you who just need a little nudge want direction. The latter should almost give you a clue as to what the term is.

Today’s Wordle 496 Hints of the day

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We aim to keep things general in this part and just guide you in the right way. At this point, the clues focus on the meaning of the word rather than individual letters used in the term. Other approaches like “rhymes with”, “sounds similar to” and the like are not used. After that, more concrete suggestions are made, followed by the full answer after a Wordle spoiler alert. We thought we’d give you one final warning!

Simple Wordle 496 Hints

These first Wordle 496 Hints will point you in the right direction without giving away too much information!

  • today’s Wordle  Answer Starts  with “C”
  • today’s Wordle  Answer Ends With “Y”

Even with only two Wordle 496 Hints, there are many other options to consider. In the following part we’ll narrow things down!

Additional information

If you need those more powerful tips, you still get credit (and keep your streak). Let’s go one step further and be a little more precise.


Wordle 496 answer Hints

Are you still having problems? Don’t scroll down just yet if you want to think about it further. That Wordle 496 answer are in bold and posted below. It’s hard to ignore, and your eyes will naturally be on it, so unless you want to be spoiled, I strongly advise you to stop reading now. Right after that it will happen. This is your last chance!

The Wordle 496 Answer of the Day for October 28, 2022 is: Ionic

I hope you get these World 496 Answer: If this article is helpful to you, please share it with your friends and come back tomorrow for another one Wordl Tips & Answers 


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