Today’s Wordle 496 answer 28/10/2022

Today Wordle 496 answer 28/10/2022, we’ll jump right in and provide you with all the Wordle Challenge Level 496 solutions. In actuality, our team performed a fantastic job of solving it and providing everything with answers and even bonus words when available. We are committed to doing this in order to assist gamers who are stuck in a game.
This brief topic will provide you with the information you need to succeed at the upcoming challenge. We already know that this MeeGames Studio game is well-liked by many players, but there are some steps that are challenging to complete.
You can proceed to the following challenge without reading the answers to this level.

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Wordle 496 Hints

We have some wordle solution today suggestionsToday’s Wordle 495 Answer October 27, 2022 – Hints and Solution to assist you in solving it because the word might be pretty challenging. They are as follows:

  • today’s Wordle  Answer Starts  with “C”
  • today’s Wordle  Answer Ends With “Y”

Wordle Challenge Level 496 :

Today’s wordle word of October 27, 2022 is “Ionic!”

Wordle 496 Answer Meaning:

ionic // आइˈऑनिक्‌

(used about the way chemicals join together) using the electrical pull between positive and negative ions

(रसायनों के संयुक्त होने का प्रकार) जिसमें धनात्‍मक और ऋणात्‍मक आयनों के बीच विद्युत कर्षण शक्ति का प्रयोग हो

ionic bonds/compounds 

ionic bonds/compounds 

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