Tigerair Shut Down due to coronavirus

The Australian budget airline Tigerair had been shut down due to coronavirus , while parent company Virgin Australia has decided to close the brand after 13 years.In an email to clients Thursday evening, Tigerire said the decision was difficult.”It is undeniable that these periods are going through tough times for everyone in the immigration and tourism sector,” the news said.

Tigerair shut down due to coronavirus
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Customers purchasing Tiger Guard flight tickets can use Travel Credits operated by Virgin Australia.In early August, Bain Capital, the new owner of Virgin Australia, plans to fund the Tiger Australia brand.

Virgin Australia has said it will retain the airline operator’s certificate so it can revive a low-cost carrier when the country’s holiday travel market is fully restored.

Virgin Australia’s then-CEO Paul Scurrah said the airline had to be reduced to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.Mr Scurrah calculates it may take more than 3 years for domestic need and international flights to return to earlier levels.

It was a difficult year for Tigerair when the news broke.

Five domestic lines closed in February after Virgin Australia confirmed it had lost $ 100 million in the past six months.

Tigerair shut down its ships by a third due to coronavirus .

Scurrah said shutting down services is not an easy choice, but it needs to be done to make the business profitable.The Tigerair first flew to Australia in 2007, taking people from Melbourne to the Gold Coast.Since then, over 30 million customers have used this aircraft.

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