Three main signs To Goku’s Final Form Revealed 2022

The only form that really matters is Goku’s final form. Everything else is a build up, a lead up to what will be the final form for Goku. For a while, it was Super Saiyan One, then it was Super Saiyan Three, for a while it was Super Saiyan Blue, and now it’s Ultra Instinct.

It was the Ascension Super Saiyan form, then Super Saiyan Two, and now it’s Super Saiyan Blue. This is not just a story about Goku, whose final form is most characters end up having some sort of transformation. But where does it go from here? 

Broly’s Akari Base Form Can Affect Goku’s Final Form

Three main signs To Goku's Final Form Revealed 2022
Broly’s Akari Form

Recently, there’s been a new form that went kind of unappreciated and didn’t get as much hype as Ultra Instinct, but it’s an interesting concept. This was Broly’s primal Ikari power before going Super Saiyan and then eventually Berserk. Broly bulked up, and his eyes went yellow with a green aura around them. 

because of the links to the OoZaru Great Ape transformation. This has led to the idea of a canonized Super Saiyan Four. It’s pretty much the exact same concept but executed in a different way. For Broly This was known as his “Akari form.”

Three main signs To Goku's Final Form Revealed 2022
OoZaru Great Ape transformation

It wasn’t his most powerful form, but it’s definitely the one that I think suits him the most easily over his regular Super Saiyan form. And what they’re rebranding is the legendary Super Saiyan God as Super Saiyan. 

Berserk, the Akari form in a more defined state, could be Broly’s final form. These are some images of what it could look like again, staying true to the roots of Super Saiyan Four, just without the further entail because these days’ settings don’t have tails. 

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Are Their Other Saiyans who can Change into AKARi Form

The question is, could the other Saiyans, like Goku, Vegeta, or anyone else, get this transformation? So far, it’s only been shown with Broly, or so you’d think. The reason Broly was able to tap into that power and no one else was, is because Broly was a primal saying all his life he lived on this planet where he had to eat bugs, befriend giant beasts, and fight for his life every day. 

even though he didn’t have a tail. That’s how he was able to tap into the Akari form. Naturally, Broly is a beast, so that form is perfect for him. Other signs like Gohan, Goten, and Trunks would find a form like that nearly impossible for them because they have too much of a human side, whereas Goku and Vegeta could eventually adapt to learning it.

When Vegeta transformed for about two seconds, there was a flash of green hair and an aura, the same as with Broly. This could have been just a small effect in the movie, but probably not having viewed his hair go green the exact same color is broly.

Aura is a foreshadowing of what the color green is about to represent, similar to Broly. Vegeta is also a beast and knows what it takes to draw out the primal power of his words.

The number of times he has turned into a Rosario shows that he knows what it takes. In fact, a Super Saiyan green or in a carry form would suit him more than the Ultra Instinct for Goku. It’s completely different for him to get into this form. He would have to be in a fit of absolute rage.

Unlock that in a base that we haven’t seen in Goku for a very long time. Goku’s final form is already half complete. It will have something to do with the Ultra instinct, either adding more power to it or mastering it completely. That is the direction each of the three main signs is headed.

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