This Apex Legends “Sprintout Cancel” trick will reduce sprint-to-fire time

Apex Legends players have discovered a “Sprintout Cancel” trick that drastically reduces the sprint-to-fire time while running with a weapon.

It’s been a little over three years since Apex Legends was first released, and as Respawn Entertainment keeps adding new Legends to the battle royale, players keep finding new ways to play the game.

Many tricks and tips have been compiled over the past few years, but there’s still room for more – and that includes the new Sprintout Cancel trick that some players have been using.

While sprinting and then trying to pull out a weapon can lead to frustration, especially when you’re charging headfirst into a fight, this new trick can really help in that department and speed things up a fair bit.

How to perform the Apex Legends Sprintout Cancel demolition trick

It was highlighted by Its Flickedan Apex Legends YouTuber who has uncovered a handful of useful tricks in the past, who pointed out that it involves inspecting your weapon before breaking it off.

That’s right, if you’re running with your weapon drawn you simply have to press to inspect your weapon and then shoot quickly before your character starts really looking at the weapon in question.

As the YouTuber notes, this will reduce the sprint-to-fire time from around 0.26 seconds to a quick 0.05 seconds, which is a drastic difference, albeit a bit tiny in the grand scheme of things.

While the trick can seem a little cumbersome, some controller players have found that it works there as well, and isn’t just specific to keyboard and mouse users. However, achievement levels on the controller may vary.

It’s not exactly a groundbreaking exploit, but it will certainly give some players an edge. So it remains to be seen if Respawn will take a look and maybe tweak a few things.

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