The Spotify Android app gets stuck How to Fix

If you enjoy listening to music, your phone most likely has the Spotify app downloaded. Additionally, if you are using an Android smartphone, it’s possible that the programme will become stuck at the splash screen and stop loading altogether. You are not alone if this has occurred to you.

Many Spotify customers with Android smartphones have their app splash screen, but not Next, as was initially observed by PiunikaWeb. Reinstalling the app, deleting the cache, and rebooting the phone were tried as common troubleshooting techniques but were unsuccessful. This made it impossible for certain people to use the Chrome browser to access the service.

According to the post, the issue only appears after logging out and back into your Spotify account. Although it hasn’t happened to us yet, it’s better to avoid doing anything that may result in you logging out of your account for the time being.

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The good news is that it doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue, at least not yet, if this isn’t occurring to you on your Spotify application. According to the thread, Samsung handsets are used by the majority of the victims. This is not to claim that it is the only brand impacted; in the discussion, Voices and the occasional Pixel, Xiaomi, and Vivo user have also had issues.

For what it’s worth, Spotify claims to be looking into the matter. We do, however, hope that a solution be discovered as quickly as possible given that the corporation last said this on Thursday. But it serves as a reminder that physical and digital album purchases remain a viable alternative to streaming and are not the future of music.

(Source: Source: Spotify)

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