The Intense Battle In The Great Hall: Nano Machine Chapter 126

Nano Machine Chapter 126: The narrative of the Crown Prince, whose life is in peril because he has been falsely accused of several murders, is still being followed by Nano Machine. Hyun Bai unravels the mysteries of the Blood Reversing method used to kill the second elder, saving Crown Prince Cheon’s life. The royals understand that Lord Yo Jong is the actual villain and not Cheon. Thus starts Chapter 126 of Nano Machine.

Hyun Bai’s arrival and exposure of Lord Yo Jong angers him, but he chooses to engage in combat and execute everyone in the structure before word gets out. Hwan is slaughtering Lord Jong’s warriors ten miles away from the Heavenly Demon Castle in the meantime and is certain that Cheon will defeat Lord Yo Jong.

Hwan notices that the warriors are being brought back to life via the Art of Blood Reversing method. It is challenging to eliminate them on your own. Elder Hwan decides to confront the adversaries since they can kill him by assaulting his back while Gu-Guen pursues him. When Elder Hwan notices the banners of the Blade and Lust Clans, he is taken aback.

He decides to volunteer for execution after realising he cannot defeat his foes. Elder Hwan acknowledges that his time has come. But he is content that he was able to assist Cheon when he was in need. Elder Hwan shuts his eyes as he waits for his heart to be pierced by the adversaries. Gu-Geun beams, saying he will relish Hwan’s demise.

He makes fun of Elder Hwan by saying that he is imprisoned like a mouse, but Hwan knows that it would be embarrassing to be slaughtered by dirty soldiers. Elder Hwan responds that he won’t perish in these mountains while drawing his sword. Given that Elder Hwan is outnumbered, Gu-Guen questions whether he is insane. Elder Hwan swears to wipe off everyone who came before him and depart from the mountains.

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Elder Hwan declares that he will employ all of his abilities as the conflict goes on. Elder Hwan starts dispatching the foes in front of him with powerful sword strikes. He understands he must carry out the task for Cheon. However, he overheard a voice discussing the Great Heavenly Devil. When a member of the clan arrives and instructs his men to kill anybody employing the Art of Reversing Blood, Elder Hwan is taken aback.

Who is betraying Gu-Geun and his crew, he wonders. Elder Hwan is relieved that they are assisting and wonders whether there are other personnel. Cheon and his soldiers engage Lord Yo Jong’s warriors at the Castle in combat in the Heavenly Demon Palace’s Great Hall. Lord Yong Jong promises to see to it that Cheon witnesses the conclusion of this game.

Cheon confesses that he has come to clear his name and to replace Lord Yo Jong as well as to clean his own name. Everyone is to kill Cheon and his troops, as directed by Lord Yo Jong. Warriors clash swords as the fierce fight at Heavenly Demon Palace gets underway.

Cheon is joined by the sect leaders as they start to chop the men of Lord Yo Jong. Yo Jong understands that because the tides are turning, he will join the conflict. The sect elders and the royals discovered the truth about Lord Yo Jong four hours ago and chose to aid Cheon even though they knew that Lord Yo Jong was a traitor.

Before facing Lord Yo Jong, Cheon meets with each respected sect elder and shares the truth with them. Before the conflict started, everything was planned. However, Lord Yo Jong is unaware that Cheon’s side of the scheme is now winning. The cult Elders are prepared to put a stop to Lord Yo Jong’s games since they are tired of his antics.

Nano Machine Chapter 126 Release Date

Nano Machine Chapter 126 will be released on 11 October 2022. 

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You can read Nano Machine Chapter 126 online on official websites. 

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