The Human Crazy University Episode 1 New Anime Adaptation Worth Watching?

The following contains spoilers for The Human Crazy University Episode 1, “Death Row Inmate Satake Hirofumi,” streaming now on Crunchyroll.

The Human Mad University was recently adapted into an anime series after being released online via YouTube since March 2019. The plot follows Satake Hirofumi, who lives as an inmate on death row after murdering his fiancée and her secret lover.

Hirofumi appears to be a pleasant and well-mannered person who gets along with the prison guards and causes little trouble. But one day he is sentenced to death by hanging and it all seems to be over before it even begins. Surprisingly, shortly after his execution, the inmate wakes up in an infirmary, where he is informed by the “Professor” that he is an anomaly among humans. Hirofumi has survived multiple deaths in the past, and his recent execution is no exception.

While The Human Crazy University Animated in a simple and almost Americanized style, it manages to be very engaging with its compelling characters and well-written dialogue. While the series may not be appropriate for younger audiences due to its slower pace and lack of action-packed scenes, it should pique the interest of older anime viewers who are more likely to pick up on the series’ wealth of references and trivia.

The Human Crazy University animation style

The first detail that viewers will notice when watching this series is the animation style. The human mad university is by no means the most complicated animation project ever created — or even this season. The backgrounds for each scene are mostly gray gradient walls, with little detail outside of a few simply constructed objects. The characters’ designs and movements are also straightforward and minimal, with most scenes consisting of conversations to convey the show’s narrative.

consequently, The Human Crazy University The animation style is almost certainly not for everyone. Viewers will either think the series looks cheap or that its no-nonsense approach has enough charm to keep it entertained. However, those disappointed with this style should try to persevere as the series’ story has enough to overcome its limited animation.

The Narrative of Human Crazy University

As an inmate on death row, Satake Hirofumi is an unlikely protagonist. Despite this, his seemingly good nature, rich past and mysterious element that surrounds him make his character very compelling. Unlike many fast-paced productions that come on stage, The human mad university takes time to introduce his characters’ backstories, motivations, and locations.

Tsukasa Nishiyama (director) and Naotoshi Nakajima (writer) have respected their audiences by not underestimating their patience so they can create a richer backdrop for their ongoing series. Most of the first episode has viewers spending time with Hirofumi as he awaits his final journey; A series of monologues, flashbacks and conversations slowly but surely reveal his nature.

While this “tell, don’t show” approach to storytelling might be frustrating for some viewers, it could also offer some sort of respite for those seeking a show that’s more informative than intense. Aside from that, The human mad university’s The comedy and its surreal premise – revealed at the end of the premiere – will no doubt make people laugh and want to see the upcoming episode.

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