The Best Place to Buy Online Surplus Branded Clothing in India: Instagram Sellers with Easy Purchase Options!

Are you a fashion enthusiast looking for the best deals on branded clothing? Look no further! In today’s digital age, online shopping has become the go-to option for many. And when it comes to finding surplus branded clothing, Instagram sellers have emerged as a popular choice. In this blog post, we will explore why Instagram is the best place to buy online surplus branded clothing in India and how you can easily purchase them.

Surplus clothing have been th craze recently in 2024, it provides a affordable branded options to th end consumer. I wear it all the time, since the discovery of few onlinne reputable sellers on instagram i have not looked back. Long are the day where i used to go to a mall and shop and pay preium prices! I can find a surplus reseller and get better deals.

Here i have curate some of my favourite picks! Cute summer dresses and office fromal wear all from reputable sellers and who offer COD (Cash on Delivery)

My favourite and and top of the list


This Top is my favourite , availabe in 3 colours and all sizes from S to XXL. This cozy top can be worn as a standalone piece or as layer during winters. Perfect for every day wear. You can order it thorugh the instagram page and ask them for COD. I personally bought and the quality is unmatched. I literally wear it at home all the time!! It is very comfortable.


And the winner number two is


These beige and cement grey blazers. Made in premium knitted merino wool these surplus blazers will awe all your friends without the heavy price tag. A definite must have in every wardrobe, it is versatile enoguh to rock it at work or at a late night party. These are only availabe for INR199, i repeat these blazers are for 199 Indian Rupees only. Contact the seller on instagram thorugh here. Click on this , P.S i have no affiliate comission. Just wanted to show and promote reputable safe sellers on instagram

I have save the best for later, on number three is this floral summer dress!


The linen georgette combination, create a ligh and airy dress. Perfect for your summer holiday to a beach in Goa or wear in the city to have boss chic look! Availabe at an affordable rate of INR100 only! I checked with the sller on instagram ans they had very low quantities available so hurry and contact them asap. Their link to instagram bio is availabe here!

Finally my favourite of them all and to conclude my current 2024 surplus clothing list!



Availabe in pastel and brigh colours. These V neck tops can worn over the blazer in the lsit or as a standalone piece. Made with pure supima cotton these are super soft! Here is the list of all instagram sellers and their links to their bio, so please do DM them if you like my suggestions, support small independent businesses.

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