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The Beginning After the End Chapter 160 Arthur reveals the secret behind his Realm Heart after meeting Maire. Maire was the one who treated Arthur when he was injured, and he took Arthur to the magical room where they trained together. Arthur is badly injured and cannot walk because he uses a wheelchair, but Maire realizes that Arthur will recover quickly. We discuss the latest updates of The Beginning-After-The End Chapter 160 and other news related to this manga. Arthur’s encounter with Maire continues after Maire shows her awakened powers.

Arthur is surprised after seeing Maire in another form and she tells him about the various Realm Heart users. Maire has different markings and she realizes that Arthur is confused and reveals that the markings show her to be on Vivam’s path. It also explains why she is able to heal Arthur and the Realm Heart is unable to heal non Realm Heart users. The two continue to talk over tea and Maire asks Arthur to activate her Realm Heart. Arthur Lu focuses and closes his eyes and his hair turns silver while a yellow aura surrounds his body. A few minutes later, Arthur opened his eyes and the Realm Heart was activated.

Maire touches Arthur’s hand, flowing with yellow aura, and fuses it with her aura. She reveals that she was able to catch glimpses of Arthur’s previous runes. Maire was impressed by the way Arthur had improved. Arthur tests his strength and sees things beyond his imagination. Maire is happy that Arthur is having fun and has no trouble using the Realm Heart’s powers. Before Arthur could activate the Realm Heart he realized he was missing something wonderful. Maire remarks that she would never blame a human for realizing this form after so long.

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Earlier in The Beginning After the End Chapter 159

Arthur’s Realm Heart activation continues after Arthur proves he can last long in that state. Maire shows the power of the Realm Heart and Arthur copies everything she does, making Maire realize that Arthur is a fast learner. She tells him about the ether, which behaves fundamentally differently from us. Maire advises Arthur that if he messes up while manipulating the ether, he will fail because we need better control. Maire gives Arthur lots of advice and examples to master all types of realm hearts.

Arthur realizes that he is progressing faster than he expected because he has a good teacher. Maire also revealed that Ether has limited the limits to two users. She also told him about the vivam part, which affects all living parts. Maire reveals the powers of the Vivam Path, which she uses to mend Arthur’s broken legs. Arthur tries to do so and succeeds. This makes him realize that the next time he gets hurt, he can use his powers to heal himself. But he realized that he would never understand anything that happened because he did it without knowing it. Arthur asks Maire to explain the power she used and why they ended up in her hands.

Maire tells him that he will learn one thing at a time. Maire reveals her past, where she learned to bond with the branch of life and later studied Vivam for centuries. Arthur comments that he wants to learn like Myrela. Maire agrees and tells him all the steps he needs to follow. Arthur discovers that he can change all four elements of the Realm Heart. Maire asks Arthur to deactivate the Realm Heart and reveals that she is the first practitioner to spend an extended period of time in the Realm Heart state. The next day Arthur and Myr went outside to train, Arthur walking and standing. But Maire is about to reveal shocking news to Arthur.

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The Beginning After the End Chapter 160 Release Date

The Beginning After the End Chapter 160 will be released on 17 September 2022. The next chapter reveals Arthur’s physical training with Maire. Beginning-After-The End releases a new chapter every weekend unless the manga takes a break. You can also check the latest details of The Beginning After the End Chapter 160 below.



Read Online The Beginning After the End Chapter 160 – Raw Details

You can read The Beginning After the End Chapter 160 online at various websites. The manga has yet to reveal official websites to access the latest chapters of The Beginning After the End. But all chapters are available in English works. The next chapter of The Beginning After The End will be released over the weekend. See you after the release of The Beginning After The End Chapter 160.

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