These 5 Apex Legends weapons need more respect

These 5 Apex Legends weapons need more respect: The Apex Legends meta is constantly changing, and it can be tempting to use the overpowered legends and weapons. However, sometimes it’s best to shake things up with some rather unconventional picks. Here we feature five of the most underrated weapons you should be using.

The Apex Legends Season 14 update has brought lots of exciting content to Respawn’s Battle Royale. Not only is there a new Legend that will change the way players approach combat, but there are also a number of new changes to the Kings Canyon map. While using the Game The best weapons will certainly give you an edge over your rivals, but it won’t always guarantee you victory.

Those willing to master a variety of weapons will usually be able to outperform any players who simply stick to meta. Finally, each new update brings a wave of changes that push specific weapons into the top-tier rankings. While the following weapons may not be the best in their individual categories, they still have great potential if you’re willing to give them a chance.

The 5 Apex Legends weapons that need more respect

Apex Legends weapons – L STAR

Underrated weapons in Apex Legends - L STAR
Underrated weapons in Apex Legends – L STAR

The L-STAR is one of the most unique weapons in Apex Legends. You can fire as long as you stay below the overheat threshold. This means you can hold the pressure if you only fire in short bursts and have the necessary ammo reserves.

This low ammo reserve is a disadvantage when initially picking up the weapon off the ground, making it a weapon to avoid a hot fall. But with enough ammo reserves, the L-Star will almost always outlast the competition. Especially if you play Rampart.

Additionally, the L-Star has been improved in the Season 14 update patch notes, making it much more usable at longer ranges. The large projectile size combined with the now increased speed makes this weapon a close-range monster.

Apex Legends weapons – RE-45

Apex Legends weapons - RE-45
Apex Legends weapons – RE-45

The RE-45 is a weapon that sees very little use in Apex Legends. However, since it’s now craftable and comes with Hammerpoint rounds, it’s so easily accessible that the RE-45 is certainly worth considering as a companion for a long-range weapon.

Shotguns are great and all, but sometimes it’s nice to have something with a little more range. If you’re looking for something to run alongside a Marksman Rifle or a Sniper, the RE-45 is a heavily underpowered and very reliable close-range secondary rifle.

It might not have the range of an assault rifle, but the fact that it’s a pistol makes it a very quick weapon to switch to in an emergency. Combined with a fast reload and the bonus damage from Hammerpoint rounds, this submachine gun is worth considering.

Apex Legends weapons – Alternator

Apex Legends weapons - Alternator
Apex Legends weapons – Alternator

The Alternator has held the top spot as the weakest SMG in the game in terms of DPS for a while. While its slow rate of fire may put it behind the R-99 and Volt, it has the added benefit of being very accurate.

Recoil for this weapon is almost non-existent and its hip fire is very accurate (even more so with a laser sight). In addition, its high damage per shot in the SMG class combined with a low rate of fire gives this weapon a huge margin of error that a weapon like the R-99 simply doesn’t have.

Not only is the Alternator a great bare-bones weapon in the early game, but it’s also fantastic for newer players who are still learning the ropes.

Apex Legends weapons – Haemlok

Apex Legends weapons - Haemlok
Apex Legends weapons – Haemlok

The Hemlok is a weapon that you really don’t hear much about. It tends to be outshone by other assault rifles like the R-301 and Flatline, as well as Marksman Rifles like the 30-30 and Longbow.

It’s got that weird in-between status: not quite good enough at close range like other ARs, not quite good enough at range to be a marksman rifle. That is, until you switch the rate of fire to single fire.

The Hemlok in single fire is extremely accurate and fires much faster than the Scout or 30-30, allowing you to get more rounds at range. 20 damage per shot is nothing to sneeze at either. Additionally, due to its narrow hipfire spread, the Hemlok does very well with practice at close range.

The Hemlok won’t win awards for its ease of use, but since this weapon is so powerful in the right hands, it’s well worth taking the time to master the Hemlok.

Apex Legends weapons – Prowler

Apex Legends weapons - Prowler
Apex Legends weapons – Prowler

The Prowler is another weapon that often stays on the ground due to its steep learning curve. While its 5-round burst is a bit awkward to get used to and makes the weapon unwieldy at longer ranges, its high DPS and narrow hipfire spread put it in the top tier of SMGs.

This weapon absolutely shreds.

Targets with white shields go down in 3 volleys, making this weapon incredibly powerful in hot drips. Once you find a heavy clip and increase the clip size to 35, this weapon can deal serious DPS without having to reload.

It takes 5 shots at most to take out fortified red armor targets if you land all your shots. Having that room to breathe to miss a few shots later, combined with the tight hipfire spread, makes the Prowler an incredibly deadly option at close range. What it lacks in versatility it makes up for in raw damage.

Nickmercs gave the Prowler its seal of approval, and we agree.

Adding these five underrated weapons to your arsenal will secure you more kills, regardless of the meta. Make sure you follow @TitanfallBlog for all Apex Legends news and updates.

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