Ted Dekker Books In Chronological Order?

Ted Dekker Books In Chronological Order?

Have you heard of Ted Dekker, book lovers? He is an American writer of fantasy, suspense, and mystery books. He has published a number of books to date, with Obsessed, The Circle trilogy, and Thr3e among his best-known creations.

Ted Dekker Books In Chronological Order
Ted Dekker Books In Chronological Order

Ted has sold more than 15 million copies of his works, making him a well-known author among readers of thrillers and mysteries. You will fall in love with his works and feel as though you are living in the worlds described in them because they are so rich in detail.

We wouldn’t say you’re losing out on much if you haven’t read his novels or heard of them, but you would undoubtedly be missing out on the enjoyable ideas they present. Have you yet picked up one of his incredible thrillers? If not, we’ll advise you to immediately include one or more of his books to your TBR.

Simply said, the majority of his writings may be categorised as mind-blowing epic supernatural thrillers. You must read his works in the sequence listed below, therefore take this as a sign and do so.


Black: The Birth Of Evil

Ted Dekker Books In Chronological Order?

Thomas Hunter nearly manages to reach a building’s roof while being pursued. Up until a quiet gunshot enters his brain, turning the world completely black. He recognises a different world in the gloom. He sees a world in which he is in love with a lady, in which evil is restrained, and in which this world cannot possibly exist.

He then reaches out to touch his head and recalls the pursuit. But this is only the start. He drifts off into a deep sleep in one universe and awakens in another. However, because they are both battling their own demons and tragedies, neither is secure. The destiny of these two very different universes depends on him and his decisions, albeit they do have one thing in common.

Red: The Heroic Rescue

Ted Dekker Books In Chronological Order?

Thomas Hunter was living in Denver as a failing writer who sold coffee not even a month ago. His life has undoubtedly altered, and he is no longer the same person. He is on a mission to prevent the collapse of two worlds, but it is not an easy feat for a single guy. Due to their unique issues, two planets are on the verge of extinction, yet one inconceivable solution could prevent everything from destroying. How will Thomas behave?

White: The Great Pursuit

Ted Dekker Books In Chronological Order?

While his world is about to collapse, Thomas Hunter has fallen in love with an unusual woman. The virus is on the verge of eradicating life in one globe. No cure has been discovered. Hunter’s love could be able to bring down the Circle, the opposition in the other world. Thomas, a sturdy as a bridge, stands in the centre of these two universes. Both of these planets can be saved by him, but will he? Soon it appears that not even one of them can be saved. What would occur if Thomas were to fail?



Ted Dekker Books In Chronological Order?

In Paradise, a stranger appears. He goes by the name of Marsuvees Black and carries a message of love and optimism. He ought to be unaware of the legend and mysteries of the town, like any stranger. He is aware of far too many of the Town’s many kept secrets, though. He keeps a personal secret that he won’t let anyone know about as well. Storms and ominous clouds surround the town, preventing anybody from entering or leaving. The isolation of Paradise begs the question: why? What is taking place in this town?


Ted Dekker Books In Chronological Order?

Something in Carl Strople’s head sparks when he hears the term Saint. He was here because he belongs to the X Group and was recruited for Black Ops. He wasn’t just someone; he was the finest assassin and most proficient murderer in the entire globe. However, he has trouble holding onto transitory recollections that could be of use. He has been told the truth, but not the whole truth, nor has it all been made clear to him. The truth must ultimately triumph, therefore will it also be his downfall?


Why struggle against changes that are unavoidable? But shouldn’t we struggle against the change if we don’t accept it, good or bad? An malevolent force, two of the most potent souls in the nation, and one leader are all included in this tale. People have been silenced in a free country in the name of tolerance, but not everyone will welcome this development. Even if they are small in number, people will struggle against it until they have nothing left to offer.

  • The Lost¬†books


The Forest Guard’s top commander is Thomas Hunter. He was compelled to cut the army’s 18-year-old recruiting age to 16. Four children are picked to lead among the many recruited youth. It’s all for the greater good, and they are dispatched on a journey to demonstrate their character. However, when they are diverted to a different denouement, they are intercepted and sworn to silence. They have been given the mission of locating the seven missing Books of History, which have incredible power and may determine both the future of their planet and ours.


Johnis, Silvie, Billos, and Darsal, four brave young recruits for the Forest Guard, now confront a new obstacle in their path. People honour the picked as heroes. However, this is about to alter. Johnis has discovered that his mother is actually still alive and working as a slave for the Horde. He rushes to save her but is unaware that the Horde wants just that. He is also falling for Silvie at the same time. Additionally, he has vowed to defend the Forest Dwellers. So, the issue is, who will be saved by Johnis and who will suffer the most as a result of his betrayal?


One of the chosen, Renegade Billos, has abandoned all he once held dear. He has made the decision to read a book of history, which is against the law. He eventually arrives at Paradise, Colorado as a result of this. He now possesses unusual new abilities thanks to Marsuvees Black. These four have overcome every obstacle that has been put in their path. A fresh, enthusiastic refugee has since joined their group and is following them on their mission. However, not even those earlier challenges were able to adequately prepare these chosen ones for what is ahead.


  • The 49th Mystic
  • Rise Of The Mystics

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