Sakamoto Days Chapter 84 Release Date, Where To read Sakamoto Days Chapter 84

Sakamoto Days Chapter 84 Release Date Details

Sakamoto Days Chapter 84 has a scheduled release date and will be released in the next issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump along with all other Shōnen Jump manga. Events at the JCC continue and Shin, Akira and Natsuki learn about the Trio database and are determined to win over Satoda Sensei in order to achieve … Read more

Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 Release Date, Where to Read Sakamoto Days Chapter 83

Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 Release Date: Seba's Weapon to Defeat Satoda Sensei!

Sakamoto Days Chapter 83 continues with a game of catching mice but JCC is a weapon to help fight the old lady. Now we learn that everyone has their own motive to defeat Satoda sensei, including Seba. Satoda knows very well from the flashbacks we’ve seen that Akira wants to know about his aunt. However … Read more

Apex Legends doesn’t get a new weapon every season to maintain game health

Apex Legends doesnt get a new weapon every season to

Respawn added weapons to Apex Legends with great haste. In the early seasons of the battle royale, new weapons were dropped with each release. However, the developers are pulling back the number of weapon releases to preserve the game’s healthy meta. Apex Legends players were treated to many great seasons filled with new characters and … Read more