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Pokemon Go glitch turns new team leaders into a nightmare

Zackerie Fairfax ❘ Released: 2022-09-30T21:22:47 ❘ updated: 2022-09-30T21:23:09 Following in Professor Willow’s footsteps, each of the legendary leaders of Pokemon Go’s teams – Mystic, Instinct, and Valor – have been given updated looks… but a mysterious bug makes them look like nightmares. When players first embark on their Pokemon Go journeys, they must choose between

Apex Legends: Nessie Squad Find an Easter egg

At the start of Gun Run, Apex Legends teams are referred to as the Nessie Squad, an incredibly rare occurrence that few are aware of. A holdover from Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall days, Nessie has long been a fan-favorite Easter egg in Apex Legends. Remarkably, plush versions of the creature were scattered across the Kings Canyon