Team Z decides against Team V! Blue Lock Episode 9

Blue Lock Episode 9 Release Date Details

The release date of Blue Lock Episode 9 has been scheduled non-stop for this weekend and fans can’t wait for the episode to be released sooner as the most exciting match this weekend is coming up. To be honest, I’m more looking forward to this game than the current World Cup games. Blue Lock is … Read more

Where To Read Cipher Academy Chapter 2 Online – Raw Details

Cipher Academy Chapter 2 Release Date Release Date

Cipher Academy Chapter 2 will appear in the upcoming issue of weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and yet another new series has begun. This new series is a new entry in Shonen Jump Magazine, marking the second consecutive entry in the magazine week in and week out. Cipher Academy is a series written by NisiOisiN and … Read more

What is Vinland saga season 2 about?

Vinland saga season 2

Vinland Saga is fast approaching his much-anticipated return for Vinland saga season 2 this anime, and fans have gotten an idea of ​​what to expect from the new season with their first-ever synopsis! The first season, dedicated to Makoto Yukimura’s original manga series, has been one of the quieter hits of recent years, but fans … Read more

Where To Read Black Clover Chapter 339 Spoilers?

Black Clover Chapter 339 Full Summary And Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 339 spoilers reveal Asta’s new power-up, Anti-Magic, Anti-Magic Zone, Anti-Magic Skin, and pretty much confirm everything that magic and knights can create based on Mana. Because all those methods are based on unconscious manipulation to People use it to manipulate the mana that creates magic. Magic is manipulated by mana and mana … Read more

Black Clover Chapter 334 Spoilers: Is Sister Lily the Villain?

Black Clover Chapter 334 - Sister Lily

Black Clover Chapter 334 spoilers have been surfacing since yesterday, and for now, the full synopsis of the latest chapter of one of the top-shining manga right now is out and it’s as interesting as it gets. The first raw scans that fans have seen around the internet are of Sister Lily’s raw scan from … Read more

My Hero Academia Chapter 363 Raw Scans and Full Synopsis

My Hero Academia Chapter 363 Raw Scans And Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 363 is now undoubtedly one of the most awaited chapters in the series and it comes with a lot of interesting things to offer. Just when we thought we might get confirmation on Bakugo’s situation, the chapter comes with several other special things that will surprise fans. Fans who have been … Read more