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Apple Just Patched 39 iPhone Security Bugs—Update iOS Quickly

Apple Just Patched 39 iPhone Security Bugs: It’s July A month of significant updates, including patches for vulnerabilities already exploited in Microsoft and Google products. This month also saw the first Apple iOS update Eight weeks Fixing dozens of security flaws in iPhones and iPads. Security vulnerabilities continue to plague enterprise products, even with patches

Is your new car a national security threat?

Is your new car a national security threat? Through the Cold War, both sides of the Iron Curtain resolved the question of expanding aerial surveillance capabilities by signing the Open Skies Treaty—providing clear rules on how and when both NATO and Warsaw Pact nations could spy on each other from the sky, while also regulating

How Microsoft 365 is Better from Traditional Microsoft Account – All Features Explained

This post summarizes how Microsoft 365 is better than the traditional Microsoft Account—all features explained. If you’re doing it right, Microsoft 365 is your best and most practical and cost-effective ($20/user/month) IT security and management system. Microsoft 365 Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Traditional Ways: Weak/untested or nothing. 3rd Party Service Microsoft 365: Microsoft 365