Apex Legends Dataminer Reveals Secret Titanfall Weapon Added In Gathering Event

Archer rocket launcher Apex Legends Titanfall Weapon

An Apex Legends dataminer has discovered that a powerful Titanfall weapon has been added to the game files in the Beast of Prey Collection Event. Apex Legends Season 14 is in full swing and while the big update added Vantage, a revamped Kings Canyon and of course the massive level cap increase, the community now … Read more

Where To Read Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 82

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 82

Where To Read Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 82: Tutorial Is Too Hard reveals the life of Lee, who enters another world and challenges the touch as he has to conquer various stages to return to the human world. In this mysterious world, Lee befriends Kirikiri, a beautiful woman who helps him win various battles. … Read more

6 Secret Service text Scandals and Scams of 2022

Jan 6 Secret Service text scandal turns felony

6 Secret Service text scandal turns felony: United With state midterm elections approaching, lawmakers and law enforcement officials are on high alert about violent threats targeting election officials across the country—domestic threats that have taken first billing over foreign influence activities and meddling as a major concern for the 2022 election. In another arena, however, … Read more