Sea of ​​Stars video reveals Locks gameplay

Sea of ​​Stars Locks gameplay

You can weaken or neutralise an enemy’s unique attacks in Sea of ​​Stars by breaking their “lock.” A new Sea of Stars video demonstrates the Lock gameplay mechanics for Locks. Another of Sabotage Studio’s customary movies promoting its upcoming pixel art role-playing game Sea of Stars was published. Today, we witness an intriguing combat gameplay … Read more

Possible heirloom revealed through an Apex Legends leak Seer in Season 15

Apex Legends leak Seer

New Apex Legends leaks point to an upcoming heirloom for the Apex Legends leak Seer, which the Ambush Artist is believed to receive as part of a Season 15 event. With Apex Legends season 15 set to begin on November 1st, fans are finally informed of the new content Eclipse will be bringing. Legend Catalyst … Read more

Apex Legends Dataminer Reveals Secret Titanfall Weapon Added In Gathering Event

Archer rocket launcher Apex Legends Titanfall Weapon

An Apex Legends dataminer has discovered that a powerful Titanfall weapon has been added to the game files in the Beast of Prey Collection Event. Apex Legends Season 14 is in full swing and while the big update added Vantage, a revamped Kings Canyon and of course the massive level cap increase, the community now … Read more

Apex Legend: How the long-awaited gift system will work

Apex Legends leak reveals how the long-awaited gift system will work

Apex Legends players have been waiting for a Fortnite-style gifting feature to come into play, and now the awaited feature is finally making its way to the Battle Royale. No matter what battle royale you choose to play, be it Fortnite, Warzone, or Apex Legends, it’s always nice to share items with your teammates and … Read more

Apex Legends pro Mande reveals details of a $400,000 gambling deal he turned down

Apex Legends pro Mande reveals details of a 400000 gambling

Apex Legends pro Mande have nearly 300,000 followers on Twitch alone, and he’s now broken down the details of a gambling company’s incredible offer to promote their website on their stream. In recent years, there has been a large overlap between gaming and gambling on Twitch. Streamers like Xpozed and Trainwreck have been at the … Read more