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Period-tracking apps, ranked by data privacy: Flow, Period Tracker, Stardust, Period Calendar

Period-tracking apps, ranked by data privacy: This not only shifts the burden of risk assessment to individual users, but also makes it difficult to evaluate the privacy and security of apps. To do so, we consulted prior evaluation frameworks Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (MIND) And Digital standard Approaching four main questions to guide our

A post-Roe privacy nightmare ensued

United States of America The Supreme Court dismissed it yesterday Roe v. used, the landmark 1973 decision that guaranteed abortion rights in the US for 49 years and, as  “revolutionized women’s lives.” Now all that is in jeopardy. It is impossible to overstate the dire consequences of the court’s decision. In addition to the mortal

‘Supercookies’ have alarmed privacy experts

‘Supercookies’ have alarmed privacy experts: TrustPid, which Vodafone claims, means that each partner website generates a different token for the same user, reducing the potential for user data to be triangulated across websites to create broad profiles of user interests—a major concern of internet stalking on the web. Targeted advertising. “The technology is built following