For a long time, Covid remains a mystery, although theories are emerging

Nearly 145 million people globally had at least one long Covid symptom in 2020-21

Though it is estimated that millions of people worldwide suffer from long-term COVID, little is still understood about the condition, despite the fact that recent research has offered various possible causes. According to estimates, 10 to 20% of persons who get coronavirus continue to experience symptoms months after getting better from the illness. These symptoms … Read more

Where To Read Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 112

Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 112 Release Date

Twin Star Exorcists Chapter 112 is coming next week as the fan-favorite series finally comes to an end. Given the premise of the series, it’s a given that the story won’t last long. However, having more than a hundred chapters under its belt shows that the story has lived up to its full potential. The … Read more

Bully In Charge Chapter 19 Release Date: What Happened After Quan Won The Long Battle?

The Bully In-Charge

Bully In Charge latest chapter is hit and we will be going through Bully In-Charge chapter 19 update and recent highlights of chapter 18. Before going further, let’s know what Bully In-Charge is all about. The Bully In-Charge is an action drama manga that unfolds the life of Kwon Daegun. Quan Daegun dropped out of … Read more