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Download DirectX 12 Beta for Apex Legends

The PC version of Apex Legends now supports a DirectX 12 Beta. So you can use it in game for improved performance. With the release of Season 15, Respawn Entertainment introduced the opt-in beta feature, representing DirectX 12 Beta support on PC. Since its inception, Apex Legends has used DirectX 11. The introduction of DX12

Apex Legends: Nessie Squad Find an Easter egg

At the start of Gun Run, Apex Legends teams are referred to as the Nessie Squad, an incredibly rare occurrence that few are aware of. A holdover from Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall days, Nessie has long been a fan-favorite Easter egg in Apex Legends. Remarkably, plush versions of the creature were scattered across the Kings Canyon

iiTzTimmy “unstoppable” in gunfights

Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An has explained how playing Valorant increased his skills in Apex Legends and made him “unstoppable” in gunfights. With 1.6 million, iiTzTimmy is one of the most popular content creators in the Apex Legends community youtube subscribers and over 2.4 million Twitch followers. Whether it’s his highlight RPGs, incredible leaderboard challenges, or helpful