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Where To Read My Hero Academia Chapter 367

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 continues after the mysteries behind “Full Moon”. This happens after Tomura Shigaraki starts dominating the heroes. Tomura fights without mercy and he wants to destroy everything around him. Tomura Shigaraki has been giving the heroes a hard time, and now he’s going for the kill. However, special surprises await Tomura

Where To Read Weak Hero Chapter 209?

The lost one arc continues in Weak Hero Chapter 209 as Gray and his friends find themselves in trouble. The chapter started out slow and simple, we saw Gray’s academic side and his teacher praising his effort. But very early on, we also see two people commenting on how Gray has been quiet for a

Does Bakugo die in My Hero Academia?

Does Bakugo die in My Hero Academia? Bakugo’s death was one of the biggest upsets in the MHA series and shook the manga world. We discuss the chapter where Bakugo died and other things related to Bakugo. Bakugo is one of the best pro heroes and characters in My Hero Academia manga and anime. Ever