Where To Read Mission Yozakura Family Chapter 147

Mission Yozakura Family

Mission Yozakura Family Chapter 147 continues after Asano encounters a mysterious person. Asano gets into a fighting stance and attacks the mysterious man dressed as an MIB. But the Man in Black dodges Asano’s flying kick like he’s dancing. He acts like dust on top of his expensive suit, causing him to send Asa flying. … Read more

A family who extracted money from Pentagon data

A family that mined Pentagon data for profit

As the two sat down to lunch, Botha gave Posey a shopping list of technical data and manuals for Newport Aeronautical. South Africa will eventually order documents for a range of components, including power units for the C-130 transport aircraft and old favorite General Electric jet engines. Certain items are on the US arms list—technology, … Read more