The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me Review

The Dark Pictures The Devil in Me Review

The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me PC Review The Dark Pictures Anthology, a series of standalone horror games fans know as some of the most immersive and interactive experiences in the genre, recently released its fourth installment. The Devil in Me is the final “episode” of the anthology’s first season and takes its plot … Read more

Watch Chainsaw Man Episode 7 Guide: Denji vs. Eternity Devil!

Chainsaw Man Episode 7 Release Date Details

Chainsaw Man Episode 7 release date is fast approaching and fans will see a packed episode where Denji transforms into the chainsaw devil and fights the eternity devil who wants a piece of him. The latest installment in the series was really great. I never expected Aki to defend Denji while everyone thought that the … Read more

Chainsaw Man: All of Pochita’s skills listed!

Chainsaw Man: All of Pochita's skills listed! Who is the strongest devil in Chainsaw Man?

SPOILERS AHEAD! Chainsaw Man spoilers are available on this page (manga). We never imagined that Denji’s adorable little dog companion would someday be powerful enough to terrify all the devils. Pochita’s small appearance is evidently a ploy, and the nasty, four-legged chainsaw devil everyone dreads is actually Pochita. Making all creatures quake in dread is … Read more