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A family who extracted money from Pentagon data

As the two sat down to lunch, Botha gave Posey a shopping list of technical data and manuals for Newport Aeronautical. South Africa will eventually order documents for a range of components, including power units for the C-130 transport aircraft and old favorite General Electric jet engines. Certain items are on the US arms list—technology,

Period-tracking apps, ranked by data privacy: Flow, Period Tracker, Stardust, Period Calendar

Period-tracking apps, ranked by data privacy: This not only shifts the burden of risk assessment to individual users, but also makes it difficult to evaluate the privacy and security of apps. To do so, we consulted prior evaluation frameworks Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (MIND) And Digital standard Approaching four main questions to guide our

DHS buys ‘shocking amount’ of phone-tracking data

DHS buys ‘shocking amount’ of phone-tracking data: Years, people Didn’t think so, but how much Department of Homeland Security accesses mobile location data To monitor US citizens. This week, the American Civil Liberties Union released Thousands of pages of documents have been heavily redacted DHS offers a “glimpse” of how agencies accessed a “shocking amount”