Super Mario 3D World + Browser’s Fury and Mario Styled Nintendo Switch are coming this February.

By | 12 Jan 2021

Finally, we have a proper understanding of Bowser’s Fury, which will be brought to Nintendo Switch along with the Super Mario 3D World port, which includes the friendly Bowser Jr. and Kaiju-shaped Bowser. Yes. There is also a new version of it, Cat Mario. . In the new trailer, Bowser’s anger is described as a “new reward adventure,” which involves working with Mario (Mario Jr.) and attacking enemies on the wall.

Watch Super Mario 3D word + Browser Fury Trailer

Super Mario 3D World + Browser’s Fury Trailer

It is not clear whether other players will be able to run Bowser Jr. Please watch the following trailer: The trailer also shows a giant version of the game’s ringtone, which seems to have transformed our hero into a giant version of Cat Mario. This is to prevent a new type of Bowser from appearing, he “becomes arrogant and loses control”-his figure is full of metal music and the weather is bad.

The performance flow is definitely difficult, although it is not clear whether it is intended as the ultimate gaming experience in the 3D world. 3D World itself will be available on Wii U, and there will be an online multiplayer game for four players.

The new Cat Mario and Cat Peach amiibo will be released with the game and will provide “in-game enhancements” for Super Mario 3D World and Bowser’s Fury. Bowser and Bower Amiibo will also resell and offer to activists, the most famous of which is Bowser’s anger.

Nintendo Switch New Mario Skin

super mario 3d world styled nintendo switch skin

Nintendo released the second official trailer of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser Fury on February 12 for $299.99, announcing the “Nintendo Switch-Mario Red and Blue Edition”. The docking station function and the red switch system-the switch system adopts a new color for the first time.It will also be equipped with a stylish “Mario Red and Blue Edition” suitcase and screen protector.

For more information, Checkout Nintendo’s official Website

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